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14 Compound Name Ideas in 2020 for the Baby You Expect

14 Compound Name Ideas in 2020 for the Baby You Expect

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Is your baby going to be born in 2020? First of all tell you, congratulations, dear mom! The most beautiful adventure of your life has already begun. And second we have to ask you about the 2020 name that you have thought for your little one. And it is that thinking about this or that nickname is one of the things that makes the most illusion. That is why we want to share with you some ideas about compound names in 2020 for babies to be born this year. You are sure to find your favorite.

Why a compound name? Well, because there are times when it seems that only one of us falls short, or perhaps it is because you really like two nicknames and are unable to rule out one of them. The fact is that this or that is the reason, more and more mothers and fathers decide give your baby a compound name. If the baby you are expecting is going to be a child, you will surely find your favorite here.

1. Javier Victor
This is not the first time that we have told you about the nickname Javier. It is a name for children that finds its origin in a city in Spain called the Basque Country, today it has crossed borders as it is used in many regions of Latin America. Its meaning is 'new house, big castle'. On the other hand, Victor is a name for boys that has its origin in Latin. Its meaning comes to say 'the one who proclaims himself the victor'. If we combine Javier and Víctor we have a name composed with strength and a lot of sweetness.

2. Juan Luis
The compound name Juan Luis is classic and also modern, according to the experts, this 2020 will once again be a popular nickname. Juan is a masculine name that comes from Hebrew and that means 'man who decides to be faithful to God'. The children's name Luis has Germanic roots and a most powerful meaning: 'enlightened man in battle'.

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3. Hugo Alfredo
Hugo and Alfredo are two modern and beautiful names in equal measure, if you put both to your son you will have a compound name that he will surely love. Hugo has a German origin and a very beautiful meaning: 'intelligent and insightful person'. For his part, Alfredo means "peaceful ruler, the protector" and also has a Germanic origin.

4. Marcos Tomás
Marcos, of Latin origin, can be translated as 'hammer' referring to the God Mars. Thomas is of Aramaic origin and means 'twin'. Isn't that a perfect name to call a child born in 2020?

5. Jesus Augustine
The proper name for children Jesus derives from the Hebrew and, as you know, it means 'salvation'. On the other hand, Agustín is a nickname for children that comes from ancient Latin and that means 'that man who is venerated by others'.

6. Diego Alejandro
This is another name composed for children that will also be heard a lot in 2020. Diego is a nickname for children that has Hebrew and Greek roots, its meaning is 'one who is well taught'. Alexander comes from ancient Greece and comes to say 'the one who is considered the savior'.

7. Ian Mateo
If we call you 'Ian Mateo', surely the first thing you think of is that he is a name full of energy. It is true. Ian, Scottish variant of John, is a masculine name derived from Hebrew and meaning 'God is merciful to the mighty'. The name Mateo owes its roots to Hebrew. Its meaning is 'gift that is given by God'.

We have seen a small list with ideas of compound names in 2020 for boys, it is time to see the best ideas for girls.

8. Emma Victoria
Emma is a name for girls with a Germanic origin, its most widespread meaning is 'strong and courageous woman'. On the other hand, Victoria means 'victorious woman' and has a Latin origin. If you give your daughter this compound name, she will undoubtedly waste personality.

9. Luz Elena
The name Elena is of Greek origin and means 'the one who is bright like the sun'. Luz, for its part, is a name for girls of Latin origin that comes to mean 'the one who illuminates'. What are two names that combine perfectly?

10. Alba Carlota
The proper name Alba is of Latin origin and comes to say 'dawn, light of day'. The nickname Carlota has become very fashionable in Spain. It also has a Latin root and a meaning that means 'all powerful woman'.

11. Eva Martina
Eva is of Hebrew origin with a marked religious influence. Its most popular meaning is 'woman who gives life, one who brings life to the world'. On the other hand, Martina is the feminine variant of Martín who, like the nickname Marcos, refers to the planet Mars.

12. Ana Paula
The compound name Ana Paula sounds the sweetest, right? Ana comes from Hebrew and means 'compassionate woman full of grace'. Paula is the feminine variant of the masculine name Pablo, it means 'humble person, full of humility', its origin is in ancient Latin.

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13. Cristina Sara
The name for girls Sara is of Hebrew origin and means 'little princess'. Cristina, for her part, has a marked religious origin, it means 'the woman who is faithful to Christ, a follower of Christ'.

14. Violeta Marta
To finish with the list of compound names in 2020 we have this very original combination: Violeta Marta. Violeta has its origin in the Latin term 'viola' and means 'modest woman'. Marta is of Hebrew origin and means 'woman or lady'.

Have you already found the compound name for your baby? How exciting!

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