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Useful and simple home pregnancy test for vaginal discharge

Useful and simple home pregnancy test for vaginal discharge

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There are manysymptoms in your body that can tell you that you really are pregnant: breast pain, continuous urge to pee, constipation, nausea, and vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is a clear indication of what is happening in your body.

We tell you how to do this simple home pregnancy test for vaginal discharge.

You will have noticed that your vaginal dischargechanges color and texture according to the menstrual stage you are going through.

During the first days of the menstrual cycle the flow is much whiter and more liquid, while as thetime of ovulation the discharge becomes darker, cream-colored, and becomes stickier.

The same is true when it comes to pregnancy.

When we get pregnant the level of estrogen in our blood skyrockets, and theblood circulation also, which causes a lot ofmore flow than usual, especially as we approach the time of delivery.

From thesecond week of pregnancy signs begin to appear that can reveal that we are pregnant in the flow, and that is that the flow becomes moretransparent, and has no variations throughout the month, since there is no ovulation.

Clear discharge is an indication that you may be pregnant.

However, this is not a 100% reliable test as theflow color change it can indicate many things even though you are indeed pregnant. For example, if your discharge turns yellow and smelly, you may have a yeast infection, while a greenish discharge may indicate a sexually transmitted disease.

If this test does not convince you, or you want to see if another result comes out, you can repeat the test with another type of home pregnancy test such as vinegar, chlorine or needle. Although, if you really want to know if you are pregnant, you should take a pharmacy or blood pregnancy test, which are the only ones that can give you a high percentage ofreliability.

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