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The infusion. Story to reflect with children about lies

The infusion. Story to reflect with children about lies

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Does your child usually tell lies? You can not miss 'El infundio', a story to reflect with children on lies and the consequences that these can have on others. But, in addition, with this story starring animals, you can explain to your child how word of mouth can end up distorting reality and how some of our acts, even if they are not malicious, can harm the people around us.

At the end of the story you will find some comprehension and reflection questions about the story.

The zebra could not bear the malicious comments he heard around him and he left crying, very sad, leaving the house where he had lived very happily since he was born.

- This is a crime and cannot go unpunished! - Said the king of the jungle when he found out what happened.

Look for the guilty! - ordered the detective monkeys.

Said and done; the monkeys climbed the trees by climbing the branches and, when they were at the top, they began to watch very carefully and with very clean ears.

They spent the whole day there; they only came down to relieve each other without losing a detail of what was happening around them.

They observed the crocodiles, snakes, cranes, eagles, hippos, elephants, leopards, and none of them did or said anything that could give them away; none of them pleaded guilty.

- We have not been - said the snakes and snakes hiding between the stones.

"I didn't even know it," a gorilla spoke, seeking approval from the chimps.

- I heard something but I only told a chameleon - said a crane.

- I did not see it, but the hares told us it was true - said an eagle at the same time as a goshawk nodded.

So each other blamedAlthough, to tell the truth, they all felt very bad.

After three days, one iguana said to another:

- I'm telling you that the zebra took off his striped suit and pretended to be a horse.

The detective monkey who heard her quietly descended through the branches and paid attention to what they were saying.

- I saw her - insisted the first iguana, - she got into the river naked, then she began to neigh as if she were a horse.

Then the monkey went down to the ground and, pretending to be bumpy, said:

- Hello iguana! Who else have you told that Dress the zebra naked and it whinnied like a horse?

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The iguana replied:

- I told the duck.

- But did you see the zebra whinnying naked? asked the detective monkey.

- Well ... they told me, but I know it very well - he answered immediately.

The monkey went in search of the duck and said:

- Hello duck! Who did you tell that you saw the zebra naked and it whinnied like a horse?

"I told the alligator," he answered without hesitation.

- But did you see the zebra whinnying naked? - I ask.

- No, they told me - replied the duck - but I know for sure.

The detective monkey went in search of the alligator and said:

- Hello alligator! Who did you tell that you saw the zebra naked and it whinnied like a horse?

"I told the toad," he answered without hesitation.

- But did you see the zebra whinnying naked? asked the monkey again.

- No; They told me about it - answered the alligator - but it sure is true.

And so all the animals answered the monkey's question.

On the fourth day, the detective monkey appeared before the king and said:

- My king, I already have the culprit.

- I hear you - said the lion throwing his mane back.

"We are all to blame," said the monkey dejectedly, very sure of what he was saying.

The lion looked at him strangely and nodded for him to continue speaking.

Some and others have been spreading the infundy without thinking about the damage they were causing, I know that this has been the case; But the damage is already done.

The king nodded sadly. He roared in affliction all day long, with all his might, so that everyone in the jungle would know what had happened and would not happen again. That's how it went; The damage was already done.

Below you will find a short list of some questions that you can ask your children about the story. Some of them will be used to evaluate the reading comprehension of your little ones and others deepen in the reflection that the story proposes.

- Why did the zebra leave?

- Were any of the animals presented as the culprit of the crime?

- Who was the culprit?

- What do you think could have been done to prevent the spread of lies caused by word of mouth?

- After what happened, how do you think the damage can be repaired? Is there anything animals can do?

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