A father's games for his son to have a fun vacation

As a parent, one of my main concerns during the break from school is that my child will spend a fun vacation. Normally, I propose different games and activities that, in addition to being entertaining, enhance in some way their different capacities and abilities. However, like everyone else, sometimes I run out of ideas for the best activities. In fact, I would like to tell you what happened to my family and me recently.

Some time ago my family and I (my partner, my son and I) were invited to the house of a friend, who not only had a son of the same age as mine, but also had two more children : one six and the other five years. We went to his home and I noticed a sense of chaos that even hurt my son, being much more active and nervous than usual.

So I asked him, honestly, what was wrong with him and he told me the following: 'I have only two activities to do: either I watch them movies all the time or I let them do whatever they want. I can not think of anything. Since my lady hates being handed the tablet because they get stuck staring at the screen, I give up and let them move freely. Hence the chaos. '

Understanding their feelings, together with their partner and mine, we investigated some activities that they could do during vacation time on the Internet. From there, I proposed some games with which, without a doubt, the holidays were going to be much more fun and instructive.

The activities we find are very interesting. These not only allowed the children to entertain themselves, but they also managed to reinforce some skills that could be useful within the school. It is well known that from psychology and neuroscience, play is an activity that not only has the objective of entertaining, but also of developing both social and personal skills, reinforcing self-esteem and emotional learning.

These are some of them:

1. Finger painting
Classic, simple but with great potential to develop creativity. You only need plenty of daily to avoid staining the house, some white blocks, jars of water to clean yourself and non-toxic or irritating paint. The next thing is to push to draw and create what they want. An alternative, for a bit of a change, is to use toothbrushes.

2. The magician's game
One basis of communication is to recognize that there is not only the verbal. There is the non-verbal that is capable of transmitting many more ideas than you imagine. This game is just about reinforcing this skill. You need a ball and an imaginary line. The idea is that one is the magician and with his crystal ball casts a spell on a child, who must imitate the animal that the magician indicates. If you imitate him well and manage to cross the line, he wins a point. The goal is not just to express without words, but to release tension.

3. Play with the ball
Be clear that children from three, four to five years old love to move. That means that our dynamics must be with balls, with cushions or go to green areas where they can move. You just have to look for games that your little ones like: soccer, basketball, dodgeball, etc. The possibilities are many! In addition, all of them are an excellent activity to train and strengthen your legs and arms.

4. Games with songs
Mix music, noise and dance: identify a song they like, motivate the dance, try the game of chairs ... All of this is very fun and allows them to develop their psychomotor area. You can even make up a song, which will make you enjoy the musical activity even more.

5. Don't miss the stories!
Telling a story of the classics, reading those editions which allow them to tell them with rhymes, are other important activities to highlight. It favors attention and helps children to work on concentration. On our site we have a selection of children's stories perfect for this activity.

Our experience was very significant. It allowed us to find many other activities, but most importantly, we were able to empower our children in their skills. It was really something so significant that I did not hesitate to share that moment with you. Hopefully, in these vacation times, this little story will also push you to carry out this same exercise with your neighbors and friends.

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