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11 divine girl names inspired by virgins from Venezuela

11 divine girl names inspired by virgins from Venezuela

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In Venezuela it is very common to use virgin inspired girl names typical of the region, giving a special and heavenly meaning to the new princess of the home. Many families see it as a way to obtain a blessing and divine protection or in honor of the devotion that has been had to that Saint or Virgin of Venezuela.

Did you know that each state of Venezuela has its patron? And in each of these there is a special celebration on their day. For example, you may recognize the Procession of the Divina Pastora de Barquisimeto or the festivities in honor of the Virgen de la Chiquinquirá in Zulia. Marian names for girls They are a wide range of options to choose the name of your future princess. That is why here I leave you the most common in Venezuela and we will tell you what its origin and meaning is.

Before choosing what you are going to name your baby, discover the different options you have. You will love it!

1. Mary Help of Christians
This name is in honor of the Virgin Mary Help of Christians, the patron saint of Christians. Its etymological origin is from the Latin ‘Auxiliator’ and refers to ‘The woman who provides help’. His day of celebration is May 24.

2. Candelaria
Why not choose a powerful Marian-inspired name for your little daughter. It means 'The one that shines' or 'The one that shines' and is of Latin origin. It is also awarded to girls born on the date of its celebration, February 2.

3. Bethlehem
It is a name derived from Bethany and its origin is from the Hebrew toponymic meaning "City of bread", making direct reference to the City of Bethlehem. His saints are on May 6 for Our Lady of Bethlehem.

4. Pillar
It has its origin in the Latin root of ‘Pila’, which means ‘She who is support for her own’. A great name of Marian inspiration, in honor of the Virgen del Pilar, whose holiday is October 12.

5. Maria de las Nieves
This is a name that many parents choose when looking for Marian names that are more original. Its celestial meaning falls on the Virgin of the Snows in Rome, also known as Saint Mary Major. Its origin is from the Latin ‘Neve’ and its saints are on August 5.

6. Pastora
One of the most common names for Marian-inspired girls in Venezuela since it comes from the Divina Pastora, patron of the Lara state and who is given one of the largest and most devout international Marian processions every January 14 on her day. The origin of this name is Latin and means 'He who is the guardian or the one who guides'.

7. Mercedes
A name for girls with a special and heavenly meaning, its diminutive is ‘Meche’ and its saints are every September 24 in honor of the Virgen de las Mercedes. Its etymological origin is Latin and means "She who is liberating."

8. Carmen
It has two possible origins, from the etymological Hebrew ‘Karmel’ which means ‘The garden of God’. Or of Latin origin which means ‘Music and poetry’. This divine name for girls comes from the Virgen del Carmen, whose saint is on July 16.

9. Conception
A very classic name for girls that is rarely used today, but it has a very special and heavenly meaning in commemoration of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, celebrated every December 8. Its origin is Latin and means 'Who is next to someone'.

10. Chiquinquirá
This divine name for girls is given in honor of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, also known as 'La Chinita', whose celebration party every November 18 is considered one of the largest internationally. The origin of its name is not specific, but its meaning is 'Place of worship'.

11. Agnes
Coming from the dedication to Santa Inés Mártir, whose saints are celebrated every January 21. Its origin comes from the Greek ‘Hene’ which means ‘Sacred or Chaste’, but it also has a Latin origin which means ‘Lamb’.

Marian celebrations in Venezuela are very significant for all its people and for that reason, placing a name for girls of divine inspiration is considered as an honor in the family. But now tell me, has any of these Marian names inspired you for your future girl?

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