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Babies that do not arrive. Very cute story for parents of rainbow babies

Babies that do not arrive. Very cute story for parents of rainbow babies

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Many stories are designed for children to learn values, others so that they understand concepts that are difficult to explain ... But there are also stories for parents. These are usually simple stories but with great meaning. In this case, we propose a story entitled 'Babies that do not arrive ' and it's written for parents of rainbow babies, that is, those little ones who arrive after some previous loss and who return light and hope to the family.

Many years ago a baby had not been born in the village. The school had always been full of children and in the afternoons, among the streets, the laughter of the little ones was always heard. Now, only ten students studied with the teacher and silence was what reigned in the parks.

The mothers got pregnant and their tummies kept growing over the months. But, mysteriously, the babies were never born. Magically, at nine months, all the women of the town woke up without a gut, but also without baby.

They were all very sad. The oldest dreamed of grandchildren, the priest prayed every morning that some miracle would be worked, the teacher prepared the suitcase to move to another town and those who should be mothers would not stop crying. What was happening?

Every day that passed the town became more gray. The flowers lost their color, the houses no longer shone in the sun. The river water stopped being blue and turned black. The bottom of the stream with its stones was no longer visible. But the strangest thing is that the villagers, without anyone forcing them, stopped wearing colorful clothes. Black and gray flooded everything.

Senor Sol, who was watching everything from heaven, spoke with Senora Luna, Dona Lluvia and Don Viento to restore their color. The next day they put their plan into motion. Together they created a beautiful rainbow that stayed hours and hours over the town. All the inhabitants looked at it amazed by so much beauty and without them realizing it the color conquered them. And when night came, when they got into their beds, those who should be mothers dreamed of beautiful babies while hearing the following phrase in their hearts: 'now is the time for the town to be filled with children. Your babies will arrive in nine months'.

And so it was that when spring came, beautiful boys and girls were born from the mothers' tummies. The town was flooded with small Violets, Celestes and Helios. And they were all known as rainbow children, those who had restored the color to mothers who had lost so much before.

A pregnancy loss is a very difficult experience to cope with and, unfortunately, it is more frequent than you might think. Sometimes, in addition to the harshness of the emotional symptoms, you have to face some physical problems.

At the loss of your baby there is no right or wrong way to feel. Some families are able to recover faster and others who need a little more time. But generally, it helps to remember these tips:

1. Talk about how you feel
Many women feel relieved when they talk about how they feel after what happened to someone close to them. This person can be your husband, your mother, a friend or whoever you want. Even, many times it is easier to talk to someone outside your circle of friends like a midwife. You decide who you want to open up with.

2. If you need it, ask for help
There are a large number of associations that can help you in these difficult times. In these you can talk to psychologists and even mothers who have gone through this loss before you. Ask for help if you need it.

3. It is normal to go through a duel
Before a loss in pregnancy or after it, it is normal to go through a grief. It is a process with different phases that you will probably go through until you feel better. Again, ask for help if you need it.

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