Montessori water games that amuse and teach children

There are many benefits that we can say about María Montessori who left us a legacy of wisdom worth considering. If we look at the teachings for the little ones in the house, we see that the key is to let them interact and investigate in their environment to achieve playful learning that helps them in their physical and mental development. How can we translate this into concrete activities? Very simple, showing the child games in which he can make his imagination run wild. These water games based on the Montessori method they are ideal for this purpose. They are fun, they teach a lot, and you can also do them at home!

The Montessori method focuses on allowing the child to take ownership of their own learning. A playful learning in which each action has its why. What then is the role of the adult? Well, to prepare the right place: the order and the elements. Also being an observer who acts as guide to stimulate and orient in the right direction.

It is this prepared environment that gives the child the possibility of focusing on something specific that he himself has chosen. Read the activities to do with water that we leave you here and get ready to have a great time.

1. Does it float or sink? It's time to do research like scientists!
María Montessori was also a doctor and a scientific teacher, so she always tried to instill this discipline in her students. If you want this for your children too, start with simple games like this one. Prepare a basin and fill half with water. Next, take a few objects that you have at home and ask your children if they think they will sink or float when they put them in the basin. It only remains to check the answer!

2. Mix colors with water drops
This activity based on the Montessori method consists of putting three or four small cans with water and adding a few drops of coloring. Then they are mixed together, with the help of a dropper, in another container to see the color that comes out of said mixture. Fun and educational, what more could you ask for?

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3. What if we spend the afternoon painting with water balloons?
Yes, you hear it, water balloons can make a great brush. Prepare a few water balloons and several colors of watercolor. You can imagine the rest, dip one side of the balloon in the paint and put it on a cardboard or any other surface that is to your liking. What if the balloon explodes? Laughter assured!

4. A walnut shell boat (with candle included)
You can use for this Montessori activity a bottle cut in half, some corks attached with a rubber band, some pieces of the churro that you use as a float in the pool or even half of the shell of a walnut. We advise you to opt for the first options because the boat will be bigger and easier to handle, but all the recyclable materials you have at home will be valid. Once you have the base of the boat ready, you will need a stick and a triangular-shaped paper to make the sail. An outing to the park where there is a fountain or a lake and the boats will be ready to sail.

You can also do your own origami boat. Do you dare? What do you think will happen when you put the paper boat in the water? Check it out for yourself!

5. Shells, stones and sand, it's time to play!
Are you going on vacation to the beach? If so, gather rocks, shells, and some sand. It's about playing explorers and cleaning the shells and stones with water. You also have to see what happens if a little sand is submerged in the water ... Do you know that shells and stones are perfect for making crafts? Let your imagination fly and you will see what coolest things come to mind!

6. How many glasses can be filled with a large bottle?
I did this same activity based on the Montessori method last week with my son. I have to say that the idea was his. When the bottle of gazpacho was finished, she said to me: 'Mom, how many glasses have you filled with the bottle of gazpacho?' So we went to the kitchen to check it out. We filled the empty jar with water and poured it into small glasses until it was finished. Three and a half was the result of the operation. My little one was delighted!

7. Dried flower and leaf soup
The little ones in the house love this game. What do you need to do it? A bucket like the one you take to the beach to play in the sand, a little water and spend some time in the park. As you already know, it is about preparing a delicious soup with flowers, nuts, dried leaves, sticks ... And everything that can be susceptible to getting into the bucket of water. Delicious!

Which of these Montessori activities is your favorite?

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