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The name Martina - Origin and meaning of Martina

The name Martina - Origin and meaning of Martina

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If you want a unique, special and very fashionable name for the baby you are expecting, and if you already know that this baby is a girl, the name Martina it's perfect for her, and we'll tell you why. Martina is a feminine name that comes from Martín. Apart from being a name that sounds so good, girls called Martina are usually serene, simple, lovers of painting and art, in general. His personality is usually emotional, sentimental and very creative. In we have gathered a lot of details on this name. Not only will you know what Martina means, but you will also know her history, what number it corresponds to in numerology, and when her holy day is celebrated. How about?

Contrary to popular belief, the name Martina does not come from the name Marta. Actually, Martina is of Latin origin and is the feminine form of the name Martín, whose origin dates back to ancient Rome, where the name 'Martinus' actually appears, which makes an etymological reference and translates as 'A devotee of Mars', 'consecrated to Mars' or 'God of war'. Therefore, the name Martina means 'Warrior'.

In Roman mythology, Mars equates to the Greek god Ares, a fierce warrior in armor, known as the one responsible for bringing war to the world.

Name Martina is always written the same way in all languages. It is a very common name in sports and artistic circles:

  • Martina Navratilova, tennis player born in the Czech Republic (1956)
  • Martina Hingis, Swiss tennis player (1980)
  • Martina Klein, Argentine model and presenter (1976)
  • Martina Topley-Bird, English singer and composer (1075)

According to statistics, the country where there are more girls called Martina is in Spain. Also, this name can be combined with many others. Here are some suggestions on how to combine Martina as first and middle names, to form compound names:

- When Martina puts herself first:

  • Martina alicia
  • Martina Elena
  • Martina Maria
  • Martina valentina
  • Martina Vanesa
  • Martina victoria

- When Martina takes second place:

  • Ana Martina
  • Maria Martina
  • Beatriz Martina
  • Elena Martina
  • Isabella Martina
  • Lucia Martina

Many parents resort to or are inspired by the names of saint to choose the name of their baby. They began to give the newborn the name of one of the saints of the day it was born because they trusted this figure to act as the baby's guardian angel.

Saint Martina's day is celebrated on the day January 30th.

The story goes that Martina was a Roman virgin who was beheaded in the time of Emperor Alexander Severus after having endured all kinds of torments with integrity. Bishop Ritorio gave him a burial, and Pope Antero had his body transferred to the foot of the Capitol, where it was found in 1634. Pope Urban VIII had the church dedicated to Santa Martina built at the foot of the Capitol. She is represented with the attributes of her martyrdom. Saint Martina, patron saint of Rome, appears in the saints.

Girls named Martina usually possess all the qualities defined in people with the number 6 in numerology. Know the positive and negative features of this name:

Positive traits: Number 6 is the number of emotional babies who stand out for having great sensitivity and empathy. They are usually intuitive, generous, and fair. They are sociable

Negative traits: Although they are responsible, babies of the number 6 are often very dependent on their parents and caregivers. Therefore, anguish is his weak point.

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