Advent calendar for children

Advent calendar for children

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One of the Christmas traditions most awaited by children is the use of the Advent Calendar. There are multiple varieties of calendar on the market. There are them made of paper, fabric, felt, but in this craft we propose a homemade calendar, with cardboard, matchboxes and some messages to encourage the children to prepare for Christmas.

With this Advent calendar for children, families will be able to work on such important values ​​in children as friendship, kindness and respect.


  • 1 green card
  • Stickers with Christmas motifs
  • 24 matchboxes
  • Sheets of paper with different colors
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Stamp
  • Gold and silver pens

This calendar is a symbol of the Advent season (a period of the Christian liturgical year that consists of a time of preparation for Christmas).

This is a 'countdown' calendar from December 1 to December 24. It is geared towards children so that they know how long until Christmas and prepare for this holiday.

1. Prepare all the material before you go to work.

2. After emptying the matchboxes, wrap them with the colored paper sheets.

3- Glue the boxes, 12 on each side of the cardboard, three on each edge of the cardboard. Tighten all the pieces well and let dry.

4- Place the stickers on the cardboard, in the center and on the sides. With the help of the gold and silver colored pens, draw numbers from 1 to 12 (on one side) and 13 to 24 (on the other side).

5- Put, in each box, a candy, a chocolate bar, or some toy, accompanied by a message and a tip for the child. For example, that on this day he has to practice kindness, generosity, friendship, respect, sharing and other values.

6. Here you have ourAdvent Calendar. Now the children will be able to open a little box every day and rejoice at the surprise gift inside, at the same time who finds advice to live a value every day. You can hang the calendar on the wall, with adhesive tape or a small nail, so that the children have a sweet wait for Christmas.

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