8 very fun Christmas plans for children from 6 years

8 very fun Christmas plans for children from 6 years

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The streets are dressed in lights and colors and in the eyes of the children you can see the illusion drawn, and it is that the Christmas holidays are a magic time to spend next to those you love the most. Are you looking very funny Christmas plans to do with your children? Here are some great ideas to make with children from 6 years. You will have days to go!

1. Cultural outing, a plan for the whole family
It is at Christmas time that all cities offer endearing shows to spend a beautiful afternoon with the family. A musical, a theater, a guided visit to a museum, an ice skating show ... Choose with your child the one that you all like the most and enjoy it to the fullest.

2. Make a cake with Christmas decorations
Does your child like to cook? Then you will love to make a delicious cake and decorate it with Christmas motifs. Or some tea pastries to have as a snack with a hot chocolate. Or maybe you prefer a cookie-based Christmas tree. But surely you know that the star dessert of Christmas is the log, and you can make it in the flavor that you like the most. It makes our mouths water just thinking about it!

3. Getaway to the countryside to be in contact with nature
Take advantage of Christmas to make a trip to the countryside. It is only a matter of choosing the place, a route on horseback, a walk in the middle of nature or enjoy the snow in all its splendor. You will have a great time!

4. Family sports afternoon
Sport has great benefits for young and old, especially if it is done as a team. Propose yours to spend some time doing their favorite sport, surely they will not be able to say no. Finish the day with a walk around the city to see the lights and decorations and have a delicious hot chocolate.

5. It's time to decorate the house
Christmas crafts, some beautiful postcards to send to the family, put the Christmas tree and decorate the house. There is a lot to do at Christmas so the sooner you get down to work the better.

6. Donate toys and make room for new ones
We have not forgotten the letter to Santa Claus, your son most certainly not either, so, since you have to leave space for the toys that are yet to come, you have to donate some that are no longer used to needy children. A great activity to do at Christmas also ideal for the little ones in the house to learn the importance of helping others.

7. Christmas stories for children and parents
Once you get home, nothing like reading for a while, tell your little one to choose the story that he likes the most and to read it to you. Have you already read all his stories? Maybe it's time to go to the library. There you will find many more titles that will attract the attention of your children. Take the opportunity to catch some Christmas stories.

8. Pajama party with friends and lots of games
If there is something that we all like about Christmas, it is being able to have free time to spend with loved ones, so it is a good time for your child to play with his friends. Throw a pajama party at home with games included and tell him to invite his best friends. Laughter is guaranteed.

By the way, evenings at home watching the drawings together without having anything else to think about are also welcome.

If you have children of other ages, you have to take into account other types of plans that are suitable for them. We propose some activities for the rest of your children with which you will live the true Christmas spirit and, at the same time, you will be able to have a good time all together. Christmas cannot be understood without a united family!

- Plans for babies up to 2 years
The little ones in the house also want to have a good time at Christmas and, although it is true that they cannot do the same activities as their older siblings, there are many other plans open to babies. For example, your little one will have a great time on the walks you take through the streets full of lights.

- Children 2 and 3 years
At these ages, children really enjoy painting, setting up the Christmas tree and Nativity Scene, and participating in some Christmas games. You can decorate the house with the crafts that you have made as a family while singing popular Christmas carols.

- Is your child 4 or 5 years old?
Then you can encourage him to participate in an afternoon of family games, to reconnect with his friends, to have small Christmas parties ... You will have a great time during the Christmas holidays! Also, this Christmas you have the opportunity to participate in some charitable activity such as collecting food or donating some toys that are no longer used.

Merry Christmas!

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