Christmas crafts for children with cardboard plates

Do you have cardboard plates at home? They are very useful at birthday parties or children's gatherings. If you thought that these dishes are only used to put Christmas canapes or sandwiches for children, you are wrong, we have found a new use for them.

In GuiaInfantil We teach you how to make original and nice Christmas crafts with cardboard plates. They are very easy and ideal activities to decorate the house at Christmas.

In We suggest you make these original Christmas crafts with the children. A great way to spend an afternoon with the family collaborating all together. In addition, you will not need large media, just cardboard plates, paint or glue.

Snowman. Recycling snowman. Christmas handcrafts. Recycling crafts with cardboard plates. Crafts for children to make Christmas decorations to decorate the house.

Christmas angel. Christmas angel with cardboard plates. Christmas Crafts. At GuiaInfantil we propose you to make recycling crafts during the Christmas holidays.

Christmas tree. Christmas tree with cardboard plates. Recycling crafts. GuiaInfantil proposes you to make a Christmas craft for children to entertain themselves during the holidays. Recycling activities.

Santa Claus. In GuiaInfantol we propose you to make simple Christmas crafts with materials that we all have at home or we can get them very easily. And it is that, this Santa Claus is made with only two cardboard plates, colored cardboard and cotton.

Santa Claus reindeer. We teach you how to make a beautiful Christmas reindeer with cardboard plates, with the children. Do you know what Santa's reindeer is called? One of them is Rudolph and on our site we are going to make a craft to make this Santa Claus reindeer with recycled cardboard plates.

Santa Claus mask. On our site we teach you how to make a Santa Claus mask using very little money and a lot of enthusiasm. It is a recycling craft made with disposable cardboard plates and colored cardboard.

Snowman mask. Snowmen are one of the symbols of Christmas. On our site we teach you how to make a mask to disguise children. It is a recycling craft made with cardboard plates, it is simple and inexpensive and, above all, it is very fun.

Reindeer mask. Rodolfo, is the best known reindeer of Santa Claus. On our site we suggest you make a red nosed reindeer mask for children to dress up for Christmas.

Christmas angel mask. On our site we teach you how to make a nice Christmas angel mask using a very cheap and accessible element: a cardboard plate.

Santa Claus elf mask. Elves are those little characters that help Santa Claus to have all the toys ready so that he can distribute them at Christmas. On our site we teach you how to make an elf mask in a homemade and very simple way.

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