Advent calendars to look forward to Christmas with children

Advent calendars to look forward to Christmas with children

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At home, the magic of Christmas is lived with the children. The smallest of the house renew our illusions every year and the Advent Calendar to wait for Christmas makes us all allow ourselves to be invaded by the Christmas spirit. For this reason, we have prepared a very special interactive and digital Advent Calendar: we propose a daily activity for you to enjoy with your children, your grandchildren or your nephews of the countdown of these Christmas parties.

These days are unique to share with the family and have fun together. Turn every day into a party with this Interactive and digital Advent calendar. In this Advent Calendar, children will be able to find 24 different surprises for each day of Christmas Advent. Entertainment and fun are guaranteed with these 24 different children's crafts, all related to Christmas. You just have to click on the corresponding day on the calendar and the window that gives rise to the children's Christmas craft will open before you, which your children can make on that Advent day.

As they play and show off their skills, they will find a whole series of Christmas-related motifs to decorate the house, the Christmas tree, give gifts to the whole family ... All Christmas crafts are easy, fun and entertaining. To carry them out, you will find all the information you need about materials and how they are made in a complete step by step.

This Advent Calendar is original and has the advantage that it is interactive and digital. Children will enjoy counting down the days until Christmas. Will you join us to see the content of the most original Advent Calendar for children?

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