Santa Claus. Popsicle stick craft

Santa Claus. Popsicle stick craft

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The visit of Santa Claus is one of the most anticipated moments of Christmas. Santa Claus arrives at the children's homes with his reindeer-drawn sleigh, ready to fill the homes of children who have behaved well throughout the year with gifts.

For this reason, Santa Claus is one of the most typical Christmas symbols of these dates. If you want to decorate your Christmas tree with it, make this fun Santa Claus craft with ice cream sticks, you will love it!

  • 6 ice cream sticks
  • Glue and scissors
  • String
  • Black marker
  • White acrylic paint
  • Red acrylic paint
  • 2 moving eyes
  • Red card
  • Flesh-colored cardstock
  • Cotton

1. Pour some white acrylic paint onto a palette or plastic cup. Using a small brush, paint four ice cream sticks, and the other two red. You only need to paint them in front, because they will be glued to the cardboard.

2. When the paint is dry, cut three of the white sticks in half, they will be the beard. The one that is left over will be the brim of the hat. Cut one end off each of the red sticks.

3. Cut out a large rectangle from flesh-colored construction paper. At the top, glue a piece of red card for the hat. Attach the white sticks to form the beard with a little glue, so that the ends are on the edge of the red card. In line with them, place the two red sticks so that they meet at a vertex, thus forming the hat. Finally, place the white stick that is perpendicular, to finish making the hat.

4. Dilute a little red paint in water and, with a small brush, make two circles in the white part to make the cheeks of Santa Claus. With a black marker, paint the mouth. Smear some glue on the moving eyes and position them to form the doll's face.

5. Cut strips of cotton and put them on the edge of the hat with a little glue. Roll a little more cotton into a ball and place it on top.

6. Flip it over, put a little glue on the top, in the center, and place the string cut to the length you prefer to hang it. You already have a nice Santa Claus to decorate your tree.

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