4 useful games to improve children's swallowing

4 useful games to improve children's swallowing

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Swallowing it is much more than swallowing liquids and food. It is about the entire process that carries food from the mouth to the stomach, with all the movements and forces that are needed to move it. We are so used to this action that it is usually taken for granted that it is done correctly, but we must be attentive to possible alterations such as speed, chewing, the preparation of the bolus, the position of the tongue or the remains.

In case of appreciating any type of alteration, it is necessary to go to a speech therapist to study the case and to make a series of recommendations. Depending on the child's difficulty, these are some of the games to improve swallowing that we usually propose.

We propose 4 useful exercises for the 4 main questions that parents usually ask us. They are easy dynamics that you can do from home with your child.

1. Activities if there are many remains on the cheeks

If the main concern is the large amount of food that remains on the cheeks when eating, we suggest an activity to strengthen the cheeks. Is about train with a syringe.

You just have to place it in the child's mouth and ask him to suck on the inside with force. Syringes of different sizes (20, 10 and 5ml) can be used, as well as different liquids (water, juice, chocolate milk). It can also be done with the air itself.

We recommend that this activity be done as a fun and daily game until we achieve our purpose.

2. Games if the bite is weak and you get tired

In these cases, it is important train tougher textures than usual during lunches and snacks, always trying to make them as attractive as possible. It may be a good idea, for example, to use chocolate with stale bread.

It is also possible to train without food, with all kinds of teethers, to which you can also add flavors by soaking them in drinks, sauces, creams, purees, etc.

3. Guidelines if chewing is immature and does not get a good rotation

Rotation is a very complex activity and before achieving it at the level of the mouth, certain studies have confirmed that it is also required have a good rotation at body level.

Therefore, in this case it would be beneficial to be able to perform certain gymnastics games where the child can train the turn of his back on his pelvis, for example, with the help of a ball or other toys.

4. Exercises to do at home if the lips and tongue lack strength

In the case of appreciating that both the lips and the tongue, two important structures in swallowing, lack the necessary strength to perform the task correctly, we usually recommend certain and specific isolated exercises. These are called praxias.

There is a wide variety of exercises, but In this case, it will be a speech therapist who chooses which practices in particular it can benefit in each case.

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