How are babies born in October

It seems incredible that the month in which we are born makes us be in a certain way. But the truth is that it is. And it is that the weather, the movement of the planets, the sunlight that we receive in our gestation or the events that surround each month, affects our personality, health and in some way influences our future and our life.

If your baby is going to see the light for the first time in the month of October, get ready to meet with us several of his traits that throughout his life will be manifested: discover how are babies born in October.

Everyone born in October has many personality traits in common that makes them unique. Charismatic, romantic and with a high emotional intelligence, have the necessary tools to make life a true earthly paradise. Especially good for coexistence are the little ones who come into the world with the start of autumn. Here we reveal some of the traits that you will discover in your little one. You'll be surprised!

1. Will believe in harmony: the greatest enemy of a little one born in October is chaos. They are tremendously sensitive to emotional changes and suffer greatly if something creates discord in their lives. Due to their friendly nature they will flee from disputes and become important supports for the most unstable people.

2. Will be very indecisive: the nature of chaos is born from change itself. Because they hate it, they are usually not good at making decisions. They take a long time to reason, but given enough time to make a choice, you can be sure that it will end up being the best of all decisions.

3. It will be very stable: their nature makes them become people without ups and downs, so they offer complete security to all their friends and family. Especially in an increasingly stressful world, they will be beacons of peace. Just try not to make their lives hell or they will be away from you forever.

4. You will be a lover of the arts: the different expressions of art become the bulb of a moth, it attracts them greatly. They will always enjoy a good melody, a classic painting or a modernism exhibition. Feel free to encourage your own creativity as well.

5. It will be diplomatic: in their flight from chaos they are blessed with a diplomatic nature that makes them true champions of peace. They will know how to do everything possible so that conflicts end. As they are also very friendly, they will know how to combine their wisdom long enough so that no one is offended.

6. You will love challenges: They will look for challenges that show them their own improvement. That they like stability does not mean that they do not embark on new paths to evolve, going from professional goals to the resolution of conflicts that everyone gives up for lost. More than ever, the expression "you are not capable of ..." can be the greatest fuel for a person born in October to start to improve themselves in the best possible way. And it is that they are oriented towards achievement.

7. It will be honest and fair: and it is that these little ones will seek justice above all options. Although sometimes they have to accept conditions that harm them, if they consider that it is for a common good or that they pursue a nature that they consider logical, they will give in as much as possible. And rest assured that your little one's charisma will make you lose in the negotiation as overwhelmingly as it is fast.

8. You will be a good philosopher and teacher: Thanks to their gifts as lovers of culture and their charismatic disposition, they will be a good transmitter of the wisdom they treasure. He will have great patience that will make him an excellent teacher.

9. Your health weaknesses will be: If our little one is a boy, his Achilles heel will be thyroid problems, osteoporosis and migraines; while if it is a female, it will be necessary to be aware of hypercholesterolemia, osteoporosis and anemia. Let's pay special attention to the signs of these diseases to quickly detect the problems of our little ones and find solutions.

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