Things you do not need to buy for the newborn

Things you do not need to buy for the newborn

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With the first child, everything, absolutely everything, consists of a trial and error dynamic. That is, we learn through experience and even if we apply all the common sense in the world, the hazing pays off. If not, raise your hand who has not escaped to the emergency room because the baby was 38º, or has sterilized everything that the baby had within reach, and even who has not gotten up twenty times a night to put his finger under the baby's nose and check if he was breathing.

We go further, when preparing the baby's trousseau, who has not acquired all kinds of products, many of which ended up stored in the back of the closet ended up being useless junk?

1. My uncles gave me a beautiful chair to eat. It is an element that adapts to the table so that the baby can be seated with others. I never used it, for several reasons: one because I had enough things to leave the house to add the chair and another because many tables had stops and there was no way to fit it.

2. Shoes: when we see them in stores we drool. Those precious little shoes so small attract our attention, but the baby cannot use them and also many times they are not comfortable for him.

3. Baby park: In my experience, babies don't like being in it and after a few minutes they start to complain. Now you can put his favorite toys inside and maintain constant eye contact with him, which in addition to being a very large object for a house, the baby will say ... no!

4. Bathrobes and capes for after baths: bathrobes are very complicated to put on when babies are so young, so ... banished! And the layers are usually very small and their legs come off. A large soft bath towel will wrap and dry them perfectly.

5. Robots to prepare porridges. Do we really need that many gadgets? In the end it ends up being one more junk in the kitchen, because nothing tastes better than a puree cooked in the traditional style: in the casserole.

6. Bottle warmers. Another appliance that ends up at the back of the kitchen cupboard. There are special ones on the market to plug into the car ... seriously! I think that heating a bottle in a water bath is not as much work as our mothers did.

7. Pacifier holder. Somewhere far away and hidden in my house, there will be all the pacifier holders that I have lost over time. I personally always tried to have them on hand, but never used them and they were always lost (this should be studied).

8. Teddies: Babies don't play with stuffed animals and for an allergic person like me ... the further away the better.

9. Liners. I've never used them but I have friends who tried and every time they tried to bring the baby to the breast, they wrinkled their noses and turned their mouths away.

10. Intercoms. I have had several and they have all ended up in the drawer, fed up with the interference, the sudden noises or the beeps.

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