How to teach children to take care of the oceans

From our site we frequently remind you that the main determinant of health is healthy lifestyles, with special attention to food and physical exercise. The second determinant of health is related to the environment.

Hence, we take advantage of the fact that September 18 is World Beach Day to provide you with a series of tips to teach children to take care of the oceans.

You already know the importance of fish in children's nutrition (it is advisable to consume 3-4 servings of fish a week), and for us to have good fishing we must have oceans and beaches in the best possible state of conservation.

Here are some tips for teaching children to keep the oceans as healthy as possible:

1- Reduction of CO2 emissions. The effect of climate change on the sea can be reduced with something as simple as the use, whenever possible, of non-polluting public transport (commuter train, metro, etc.).

2- Be careful with the plastic. Every year, thousands of marine animals die directly or indirectly due to the overabundance of plastic, which ends up on the seabed. What can we do? Reuse water bottles, use cloth bags to go shopping, recycle containers, etc.

3- Sustainability of certain species. Government strategies would have to be designed to avoid the depletion of certain species. In Spain, for example, measures are being taken to protect the sardine, which is a small, very healthy blue fish.

4- Let's clean the beach. Let us teach our children that, after going down to the beach, we must collect possible remains of food, cigarette butts, cans and everything that can get dirty.

5- Be careful with pets. Do not dump aquarium-raised marine species into the sea. This fact can facilitate the introduction of invasive species, with damage to the subsequent ecosystem.

6- Responsible travel by sea. The sea is not a trash can. This is: when we make a trip by sea, for recreational or tourist purposes, we carry devices to position the garbage. Then, on land, we will channel it to the appropriate recycling container.

7- Your child can transmit the message of respect for the sea to his companions. When your child has to do some work, a good topic can be this. After all, life comes from water, and we are indebted to this wonderful element. We owe it to them.

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