The Beltrán umbrella. Children's tale about responsibility

The Beltrán umbrella. Children's tale about responsibility

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Reading stories is a great activity to do as a family, it is a perfect endearing moment before going to sleep that will not only stimulate the habit of reading in children but will also promote the bond between parents and children.

On our site we invite you to read this beautiful children's story about responsibility: Beltrán's umbrella. A beautiful story about the need to fulfill the commitments we make with others.

It hung from a wooden beam, inside an old abandoned barn. Surprisingly, despite the elapsed time it was very well preserved. It was an old, ordinary, black umbrella with a cane and a wooden handle. It was dusty and had been in for many years without anyone having opened it.

One day, Adelina and her father passed by, and the hanging umbrella caught the girl's attention.

"Whose umbrella is that?" Adelina said, pulling her father's hand there.

- Why is it so dirty? - Said the girl.

"Dad, get him down from there," she begged him.

The father, raising his arm as far as he could, not without effort, grabbed the lower part of the umbrella and took it down.

Father and daughter looked at him curiously.

"This umbrella is at least a hundred years old," said the father aloud.

- Open it dad! - Said the girl.

- Don't you know it's bad luck to open umbrellas indoors? - said the father, amused.

The man delicately opened the umbrella and, in the dust that rose, a paper fell to the ground.

Adelina went to pick it up quickly.

- Look dad! Is a letter! - The girl said as she carefully unfolded the page and began to read:

This umbrella belongs to Beltrán, the carpenter of this town. If anyone wants it, it is theirs; as long as you promise to take care of it and use it on rainy days.

- Beltran ... ummmm - said the father thoughtfully. I've never heard that name.

- We'll take it? Dad, please - Adelina begged him.

- It is a huge responsibility; if we take it home you know what you are committed to - his father answered.

- Yes, yes, I know. I will take care of it, do not fear.

And that is how Beltrán's umbrella, hanging on a beam in an old stable, passed into the umbrella stand of a girl who always kept her promise and kept it throughout her life, leaving it as an inheritance to someone who, like her, would take care of it and give it. use on rainy days.

If you have read the text with your child and want to check if they have understood it correctly, try asking them these questions about the story:

- Who was Adelina walking with?

- What did they find in a stable?

- What was inside the umbrella?

- What did the note say?

- Did Adelina keep the umbrella?

- What have you learned from this story?

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