Weight during pregnancy. Ideal weight calculator

Weight during pregnancy. Ideal weight calculator

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One of the concerns that women have during pregnancy is related to weight or amount of kilos that you will gain as the pregnancy progresses. For a healthy pregnancy it is necessary for the woman to control her weight.

According to experts, a pregnant woman with normal pre-conceptional weight can gain from 11 to 16 kilos. Everything will depend on your size and height, since the weight gain it is not usually the same in all pregnancies.

It is important to avoid gaining excess weight during pregnancy, and this is possible if a complete and varied diet is followed, and adequate physical exercise is practiced regularly, to avoid overweight problems and their consequences. Remember that all this will affect the health of the baby that the woman carries in her womb.

So that the pregnant woman knows how much weight she should gain from month to month during pregnancy, has prepared a weight calculator. To use it, the woman only has to add her weight before pregnancy and the week of pregnancy in which she is. The result will be the approximate weight it should have.

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