10 Latin names for boys

10 Latin names for boys

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When choosing the baby's name, we can look at many family, social, cultural and geographical factors. In Latin America The trends in names for boys combine tradition with modernity, that's why there are a wide variety of options.

We have chosen 10 Latin names for boys among which you will surely find the best name for your baby. With their origin and their meaning, these names for boys can give you some idea to find the perfect name.

1. Emilio. This name is of Latin origin and means 'friendly'. Despite having a long tradition, especially in Latin America, the name has not lost freshness or personality, so it remains alien to any fashion.

2. Frame. The name has a Latin origin and a meaning related to 'war', since it comes from the Roman god Mars. It admits many derivatives such as Marcos, Martín or Marcelo, but in this version it gains charm and sophistication.

3. Edgar. It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'the one who protects the earth' and it is one of the most frequent names in Latin America. We like it because it has an original and modern air and a sound that gives it forcefulness.

4. Joel. The name is of Hebrew origin and has a meaning related to 'God'. It is a short name that stands the test of time while remaining original and fresh. It also has a distinguished touch that adds personality.

5. Nicolas. This name is of Greek origin and has a meaning as eloquent as 'the victory of the people'. We like it because despite being known forever, he has been able to maintain his strength and fresh charm.

6. Caesar. It is a name of Latin origin with a meaning of 'hairy'. Due to its historical relationship with the Roman emperors, it is a name that brings distinction and is very elegant. It also preserves an original touch that we love.

7. Ernesto. The name is of Germanic origin and means 'tenacious'. It is a very popular name in Latin America, but its use has not made it lose its strength and character. We like it because it brings an extra touch of distinction.

8. Simon. This name has a Greek origin and means 'the snub nose'. It exudes simplicity, transmits confidence and is also a very attractive name for any child.

9. Hugo. It is a name with Germanic origin and with one of the meanings that we like the most 'sparkly' or 'intelligent'. Earn places on the lists of frequent names in Latin America and around the world because it is one of the most charismatic names for boys.

10. Eric. With a Scandinavian origin and with a meaning that refers to the 'eternal power', this name is placed as one of the favorites of Latin American families. And we are not surprised, because Eric gives off charm and is the most forceful.

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