The Day of Solidarity. Modern fable for children

He helps her colleagues selflessly, cooperation with other children, in short, solidarity is a value to be taken into account in children.

Children go through stages of selfishness, which are necessary for their growth, but we also need to break this dynamic and show them that solidarity is necessary to have a good coexistence with the rest. A world without solidarity is a sad, selfish and chaotic world.

With this modern fable for kids You can show your children how much fun we can have when we all help each other.

At the entrance of the school, the teacher Lechuza was carrying a huge folder with the drawings that his students they had done throughout the course. The little donkey Galileo suggested that he take the briefcase to class.

- Thank you very much, Galileo! You can put it on my table, you have been a great help! - said the teacher.

The Bowling Mouse, encouraged by the example of the burrito, offered to distribute the drawings to the students. When he handed the last job to the Rattlesnake squirrel, it he became very sad.

- What a watercolor birria I've done! I have mixed colors and it has been fatal.

The Tai Chi ant that heard her complaint suggested that she go painting with her after class and that way she would teach her a lot of tricks.

- Would you do that for me? - Asked Rattlesnake.

- Of course! Also, we sure had a great time! - Taichi assured him.

The squirrel was in such a good mood that when he saw Tragoncete the bear in the yard, he decided to share his acorns, hazelnuts and walnuts with him.

Tragoncete, grateful to Cascabel, also wanted to help someone and when he saw that the Roqui turtle I was serious and lonely In a corner of recess, he walked over to her. Tragoncete started telling jokes and teasing him, until he got him to cheer up. Then the two of them went to have fun with each other.

When they all returned to class, the teacher Lechuza, happy with the behavior of her students, left them the afternoon free to play in the forest.

Moral: solidarity is contagious, as if by magic.

Find out if your child has understood the text with these simple reading comprehension questions.

It is important for the child to understand the meaning of the full text and not only of independent words, with this you will take a great step to enter the passionate world of reading.

- What did the teacher bring in her folder?

- Why was the Rattlesnake squirrel sad?

- Who dared to help her?

- Who else helped at school?

- Who would you help from your friends?

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