Things that children should learn at home, and not at school

Things that children should learn at home, and not at school

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We may get angry sometimes, because we think that they are not educating our son at school as they should ... 'He is rude and they don't say anything to him' ... 'They don't say anything to him in the dining room when he eats with his elbows on the table' ... And perhaps we are not very clear what teaches school and what parents teach at home.

It is true that the school should not forget the subject of values, since above any other, it is the one that will strengthen the personality and behavior of the child as he grows up. But it is not the teachers, but the parents, who must educate children in values. Here you have a list of everything children should learn at home, and not at school. Aim, yes, because they are above all your tasks.

At school you learn geography, history and arithmetic. You also learn to write well and to think and reason. You learn social skills, to speak in public, to solve problems, to read ... But teachers are not the main culprits of a child misbehaving, chew with your mouth open or hit your classmates. It is true that they are there to guide, and that the values ​​are also part of each of the subjects they teach (they cannot be separated!), But let's not forget that all these tasks are, indisputably, the duties of the parents:

1. Social norms. Who should teach children to say hello, to say good morning, or to say 'thank you? Parents! At home, children should be taught these basic social norms:

  • Give thanks (be grateful).
  • Say hello, good morning, good night and goodbye.
  • Asking things' please.
  • Apologize with 'I'm sorry'.
  • Acknowledge a mistake with a 'sorry, I was wrong'.

2. Good table manners. Don't wait for the teachers to be attentive to each of the hundreds of children who pass through the dining room every day. That your child knows how to behave at the table is also your task. You must teach him to:

  • Properly hold fork, knife and spoon.
  • Not to speak with your mouth full.
  • To chew without opening your mouth.
  • Not to eat with the elbows on the table or lying on it (to know how to behave and keep a correct posture at the table).
  • To eat everything.
  • Not to take food out of your mouth and hide it or throw it on the ground.
  • To respect others while they eat.

3. Rules. Teach your child at home to respect a series of rules, not to overstep the limits, to respect the elders, their parents and teachers. At home you can teach him:

  • To help with the housework.
  • To not take anything from others, to ask for things with permission.
  • To respect the rules and customs of others.
  • To take care of things (yours and those of others).
  • To be organized and collect the things you use.

4. Values. And of course, at home values ​​are learned. The most practical way to teach values ​​is by example. Keep in mind that for your children, you are the main reference, so it is your responsibility that they learn all these values:

  • To respect others.
  • To be tolerant.
  • To be supportive.
  • Not to insult or hit others. Not to be rude.
  • To be honest, honest.
  • To be punctual.
  • Not to steal or attack others.
  • Not to swear ...

Remember that home is the most important school for children. In it, they may not learn the name of the highest mountains in the world, the capitals of all countries, or to solve a very complicated square root, but they will learn another series of equally or more important knowledge that will accompany them throughout their lives and of which they will benefit in each of their stages in life. Teach your child values, social norms and behaviors that will help him at school too. At home you educate yourself, at school you learn.

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