Baby's first times

Baby's first times

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The baby lives in a continuous discovery. Everything is new to him and learning is constant. Every day something new happens and that is that the first year of the baby is full of many first times: its first 24 hours of life, its first bath, the first time you drink breast milk, your first smile, the first steps, the first teeth, the first baby food ...

Perhaps never in our lives we will experience so many new events as in childhood and, above all, in the first 12 months of life, when babies also often say 'mom' and 'dad' for the first time. Their first words they are an important framework for parents.

Therefore, in We have decided to gather all those moments that happen only once in life because they suppose the first time that ...

From the moment the baby is born, they experience different new situations and parents can help them overcome them successfully.

Baby's first bath. Find out what care your baby should receive at bath time. Everything you need to know about the temperature of the water, how to introduce it in the bathtub and which products are the most recommended for its hygiene. The newborn's first bath is a time of doubt, we will solve them all!

The baby's first smile. We show you a cute video that shows the baby's first smile. Before even being born, the baby is already smiling inside the mother's womb. Experts assure that it is a reflex action before a sensation. When the baby is born, we wait impatiently for that first smile, and it doesn't take long to come.

Baby's first clothes. What clothes are the first to wear when the baby is born. What the pregnant woman has to take to the hospital when she is going to have the child. Advice on baby's clothing sizes and clothing care for the first few months. How to wash newborn clothes.

First colic. What is colic in the nursing baby? These are episodes of prolonged crying, sometimes inconsolable, which are repeated almost daily, especially in the afternoons and nights.

Baby's first toys. Babies do not need a large number of toys at their fingertips, but they do need them to be the right ones, both because it helps them stimulate them physically and sensually and because they are appropriate for their age. How to choose the most appropriate toys for the baby's first year.

First games with the baby. How to stimulate the baby in its first months of life. Suitable games for the baby in its first months. Songs, movements, games with the senses for the baby.

First porridges. The first porridges for the 6-month-old baby. Questions and answers about complementary feeding of the baby. How to make the first purees for the baby.

First fruit porridges. Ideas for making baby food. Recipes to prepare the first fruit porridges for babies. Fruit smoothies for children. Healthy and complete fruit porridges for the baby. Homemade recipe on how to make fruit porridges for your baby.

The first contact with the sea. They will not remember it when they grow up, but the baby's first contact with the sea will be a magical moment. The water, the sand, the sound of the waves. Everything that the beach implies for the baby is a wave of new sensations.

Baby's first steps. When the baby takes its first steps. The baby grows, already sits, gets up, turns around, stands up and for a few weeks has not stopped crawling and crawling around every corner of the house. The baby will walk on his own soon. You will take your first steps. When the baby's first steps occur.

Baby's first shoes. Baby's first shoes. When the baby begins to take his first steps is the moment when we must buy his first pair of shoes. It is convenient not to buy the prettiest, nor the cheapest and, of course, never put those inherited from a brother or cousin.

Baby's first words. How is the baby's language development in its first months of birth? From birth, babies have only the gestures, some sounds and crying to communicate and transmit their needs and emotions to the people around them. We tell you how is the development of language, from babbling to the first words.

Babies' first loves. Children's love for their toys. Children's first loves. Since babies are born they need, in addition to the affection, protection, and the arms of their parents, something, an object, a toy ... that is always with them and that makes them feel more secure.

Baby's first teeth. Teeth in babies. Children's first teeth. Teeth order and first teething discomfort in babies. Loss of milk teeth in children.

First tooth discomfort. The first teeth of the baby represent a joy for the parents and many annoyances for the little one. It is natural for your gums to swell, then break open and become inflamed. GuiaInfantil. com has put together some tips for parents to ease their baby's discomfort.

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