How Osteopathy Can Help With Residual Epidural Pain

How Osteopathy Can Help With Residual Epidural Pain

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An epidural is the introduction of a anesthetic below the second lumbar, using a needle and a catheter in the space between two vertebrae, to access the epidural space between the spinal cord and spine.

Some women have a local pain at the site of the epidural injection in the spine, for months or even years after delivery. Insertion of the needle can create a reflex spasm in the ligamentous muscle.

How can osteopathy help with residual epidural pain? We explain to you what are the reasons for the pain of the epidural after childbirth.

Others, however, refer to a wide area of ​​pain around from that point, which increases due to flexion-extension movements, limits them and can even produce local lumbar pain or distant symptoms such as back pain, headaches due to hyperpressure that can cause the introduction of the anesthetic in a space that is not designed to do this, or if the needle pierces the dura, a layer that covers the nervous system, which is very rare.

Sometimes they happen nausea or dizziness due to the decrease in blood pressure, asthenia and stiffness in the rest of the spine, due to the retraction of the meninges and the decrease in their sliding, sciatica due to the increase in dural tension that increases the tension of the nerve roots, pain coccygeal ...

The osteopaths We will verify the mobility of different structures that may be involved in this process: pelvis, dorso-lumbar spine, skull, diaphragm, psoas, superficial and deep fasciae. We will try to give the correct information to the different fabrics, to achieve their relaxation.

We treat the insertion point of the epidural needle in the back like a scar, since both the skin and the superficial and deep tissues react to the puncture and / or the anesthetic. Sometimes we find adhesions or fibrosis that alter the sliding of the membranes within the spine, and of the nervous system within the meninges.

All of these problems can be relieve with a few sessions of osteopathy where the different tissues are reviewed and the area is relaxed, in addition to reviewing the visceral system, especially the liver and kidneys to help better eliminate anesthesia.

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