Why are there children who do not make an effort

Why are there children who do not make an effort

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Just as there are children with a low tolerance for frustration, who explode when they don't get what they want, there are children and young people who begin to develop a “low tolerance for effort”, who resist doing homework, school work, studying for exams, etc ... and when they are forced to do it, they cry, get frustrated and do it reluctantly and in the worst way.

We explain why a child may have a low tolerance for effort, why are there children who don't make an effort, and what parents' mistakes lead to this great problem.

More and more frequently we observe that many children follow the "law of least effort", who want it all, but are willing to do almost nothing to get it. The cause? They have not needed it, they only have to express a wish for it to be fulfilled and the long-awaited gift reaches your hands. A gift, by the way, that in most cases they stop enjoying almost as soon as they get it and then they are already wanting something new. All parents like to see our children happy, but sometimes the price we pay in the long run is very expensive.

As they grow, these behaviors become more and more frequent and more difficult to handle being more and more difficult to find in them the button that moves them to carry out their duties and fight for the things they want.

Do you think your child may be developing a low tolerance for effort? What do you prefer to get everything done before trying anything? These are some signs that children may be developing a low tolerance for effort:

  • They are children who they resist studying, starting their homework at school or any activity that demands an effort from them. They postpone them as long as possible.
  • Once they start an activity very early they start to complain, to cry and they abandon it claiming to be already very tired.
  • When forced to perform a task, these children they do it carelessly and with little quality to be able to go play or simply "rest".
  • They start to show reluctant even towards recreational activities like sports or crafts that they liked, when it demands a greater effort.
  • They complain when the results are not what they expected. They can't see the relationship between the effort shown and the bottom line.
  • Usually there is one activity they prefer to do over any other and on many occasions it is one of the reasons for their little effort; the most common are video games, movies, series, etc.

All children's behaviors have an origin, an explanation, and are usually related to some error in the parents' education. The question is: What causes children to fall into these patterns of little effort?

  • They are children who normally have very permissive parents who give them constant gratification without requiring them to make any effort to achieve it.
  • There are almost never consequences to your low level of effort.
  • They are not assigned any responsibility at home beyond school demands (which are usually not met properly either).
  • They are allowed to play games, watch TV, use the computer or any other enjoyable activity, before doing their homework or school or home responsibilities.

If you think your child may have this problem and you need a solution, be sure to review all these solutions:

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