Clown makeup ideas for kids

Clown makeup ideas for kids

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Get inspired by these ideas to complete your clown costume


Get inspired by this photo to give your child a colorful full makeup of your clown. To achieve this, paint the contours of the eyes and mouth. Next, color the nose red. Don't forget your wig and hat!

How simple this harlequin clown makeup! You only need to paint the skin white and the mouth and nose with a red paint. The diamond hat of this costume complements the joy and illusion of the sympathetic harlequin makeup.

A very romantic clown makeup! With the help of a sponge you have to spread white paint all over the face. Later, some hearts are painted across the cheeks and forehead. The eyes are outlined with a black pencil and the mouth with a red one.

With a black pencil, outline circles around the eyes and mouth. Then fill them with assorted-color paint to make it more cheerful. It ends by painting the nose red. And we already have a clown of many colors!

To make a clown makeup that is 10 no need to spend a lot of money. In fact, here we propose an inexpensive and very funny costume that is obtained with very simple materials to obtain: some old glasses, a wig and a bow.

Once upon a time a smiling clown. To make up your child like this, you have to start by painting his face white, as a base. With black pencil, draw circles around the eyes. Next, paint the mouth and nose red. So happy!

Yes you have little time to paint your son, you need a clown makeup as fast and practical as this one. With a wig and a red paint (with which to paint the cheeks, lips and nose) you will achieve a fabulous children's makeup.

To achieve this sweet clown makeup, you need to paint two green circles on both cheeks, outline the eyelashes with black pencil and paint both the nose and mouth a very red color. What fun!

With a damp sponge, paint the child's entire face white. Then outline the eyebrows with black, blue and green, paint a kite on both cheeks, and fill the mouth with red paint. How funny this clown makeup!

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