A sensory box to stimulate your baby's senses

Sensory stimulation includes activities and materials to stimulate the different senses such as: visual, tactile and auditory, among others. When I work with children, I try to use common materials, present in the day-to-day of the little ones and not buy everything, so that they can transfer the knowledge acquired to their daily lives.

It also happens that the more natural the objects we use, the more attractive they are to children and the more motivation they arouse. So let's give you some examples of the most homemade sensory stimulation boxes.

We teach you to make a sensory box to stimulate your baby's senses.

Sensory stimulation boxes are containers with different materials of different textures with which we are going to work or play, among other things, tactile integration and various cognitive processing skills.

The boxes are almost always filled with some material that is abundant and that serves as a base such as: beach sand, rice, lentils etc. And then on this base they are introduced different materials to work, both the manipulative skill, such as picking up little skewers and placing them on a board, or other skills more related to cognitive stimulation, such as, for example, looking for pieces according to shapes, sizes, colors.

On one occasion I made a box of sensory stimulation as follows: I introduced a large amount of beach sand and showed the baby 10 colored marbles. I put the marbles into the sand and the job I had to do was find the marbles.

Another example could be: filling a box of Styrofoam into balls and then introducing two or three different types of legumes; beans, chickpeas etc ... the objective is that look for the different legumes and classify by type.

You can also put inside a box: fabrics, handkerchiefs of different textures, scourers, silk scarves, pieces of wool, corduroy etc ... and we can even introduce another type of stimulation, in this case visual, including opaque fabrics, other translucent for to experience if we see or not with the different types of fabric.

According to the child's age and manipulative ability From this we can choose larger or smaller materials, and in that way also control that if they are too small, they may suffer the risk of being introduced into the mouth and swallowed.

And the most important of all is undoubtedly that this activity is as fun as possible, to try that the children don't lose interest and motivation.

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