10 curious spiritual boy names

10 curious spiritual boy names

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Naming things can be tricky. To the point that there are marketing professionals who are dedicated to practicing the postmodern trade of 'naming' to ensure that a company knows how to “create a brand”, “communicate its values”. If the topic is complex in a business, what to say for the children, especially if one starts to think that the chosen name will be "forever".

Nowadays, the usual names do not predominate, but rather we can say that we have a hybrid between the traditional ones and those of more origin. exotic, especially if they represent our spirituality.

In we wanted to make a compilation of 10 spiritual boy names.

It is not easy to separate spirituality from the names of saints and archangels or prophets. However, a spiritual name is your agreed destination, your divine identity. You may or may not live up to it, but it will be a guiding force. They are usually names that transcend the everyday and appeal to our most intimate values.

Here we gather some names that describe the desire to give your baby a spiritual or something mystical meaning, those that speak to us of our more contemplative side and whose meaning is universal. This is our proposal:

- Genesis: Although its origin is Greek, its use spread among the Hebrews, and refers to the first book of the Bible where the creation of the Universe is narrated and means “source”,“ Beginning of things, a new birth ”. It is a name used for both boys and girls.

- Indra: in mythology hinduist Indra is the king of the gods or devas and lord of heaven, as well as the main god of the Vedic religion (prior to Hinduism) in India. This god can be classified as a deity related to other Indo-European gods, such as Thor, Perón, Zeus and Jupiter.

- Kasem: of Thai origin with Arabic roots. It is one of the names that refer to the eternal smile of Thailand, as its meaning is "happiness"Or" well-being. " Even in Spain it is not a popular name and can be written with a double 's'.

- Mahatma: It is of Hindu and Sanskrit origin, and its meaning is "great soul”. It refers to a title for a person of great spiritual development that was given to Mahatma Gandhi, as he was considered a Great and noble Soul. Through this use the name became well known in the West.

- Nirvana: of Sanskrit origin. Buddhist voice that translates into the state resulting from the liberation of desires, individual consciousness and reincarnation, which is achieved through meditation and enlightenment. Nirvana literally means "off”. Occasionally it is also used as a feminine name.

- Noah: of Hebrew origin (‘No’am’) which means “break, peace, comfort or the one who is comforted ”. The name is related to tranquility, intelligence and reflection. Noah is a variant of the English form of Noah, which works for both the male and female gender.

- Osiris: is the Egyptian god of resurrection, symbol of the fertility and regeneration of the Nile. Its meaning is “be powerful”. It refers to "the one who continues to be perfect" in reference to his prodigious power after death in Egyptian mythology.

- Sinai: name of uncertain etymology, which some have related to Sin, ancient Sumerian deity of the Moon, who was worshiped by Akkadians and Arabs. Currently its origin is transferred to Hebrew, ‘sinay’, with biblical roots. It means "the one that comes from mount of god”.

- Siddartha: of Sanskrit origin which means "he who has served its purpose"Or" one who achieved his objectives. " It is the (civil) name of the religious and historical character founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha.

- Surya: of Hindu origin which means "sun", "the one who illuminates”. It can be valid for both sexes. Surya is the eye of the world and is related to luck, mercy and vital energy.

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