30 golden rules for parents of girls

30 golden rules for parents of girls

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There is more to share between a father and daughter than just care, play, food, or rules of education. On a daily basis, there are wise attitudes that dads can transmit as an example to their girls, so that they grow up and become full and full of life women.

If you are the father of a girl, surely you will agree with those beautiful advice that the American gives us, Michael mitchell, Isabella's father, on his blog. Actually he gives 50 tips, but has chosen about 30.

For that father, it is not only about creating his daughter, but about contributing for her to be a self-confident person and live life with wisdom and balance. His purpose with those tips is for parents not only to spend time with their daughters but to add life to their years.

1. Love your daughter's mother. Treat her with respect and affection. When your daughter grows up she will want to be treated the way her mother is treated.

2. Always be present. Offer quality time to your daughter. She needs a father involved in her life. Don't stand idly by while she grows up.

3. Enjoy and savor every moment, every day with her, while you can. Time passes very fast.

4. Pray for her regularly, with passion and perseverance.

5. Teach him to play with a ball, to throw it, and to catch it. Make her proud.

6. Play with it even if you have to play dumb.

7. Have fun when you have to bathe her.

8. There will come a day when she will ask you for a dog. Do not think too much. At least once in your life, say 'YES'.

9. Teach him to spend and save money.

10. Make something special like a cake or pancake for breakfast on her birthday.

11. Dance with her, from when she's a baby. Dont wait.

12. Learn to say no. He does not also educate.

13. Say compliments to your daughter. Say it over and over again that she is beautiful.

14. Take her camping. Make her value being outdoors, in nature, rolling in the grass ...

15. Make sure she knows that women should have equal choice with men.

16. Encourage kissing practice. The more kisses the better.

17. Let her ride on your shoulders, while you can afford it.

18. Don't be late home. She will be waiting for you.

19. Never miss his birthday. She will never forget your absence.

20. Teach him to skate. Teach him to trust you.

21. Guide him when buying his clothes. Don't be afraid to veto some elections.

22. Reassure him when he has a nightmare. If necessary, take her to your bed.

23. Offer her your shoulder and your hug when she cries.

24. Play the swings with her.

25. Avoid giving her so many gifts on her birthday or Christmas. Give gifts that you can share.

26. Let her know that she can always come home.

27. Remember that your daughter will spread her wings one day and fly.

28. Write her a handwritten letter every year on her birthday. Also when she goes to college, is a mother or when you think she needs her.

29. Learn to trust her. Little by little, give him more freedom as he gets older. She will live up to the expectations you place on her.

30. When in doubt, trust your heart. She already does.

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