The walking tadpole. Rafael Pombo's poetry for children

The walking tadpole. Rafael Pombo's poetry for children

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To younger children they love rhyming poetry. It is a way of bringing literature and the love of books closer to them in a fun way. Look for sympathetic poems, which attract your child's attention. Poems that you can read, interpret and on which you can also reflect with your child.

On this occasion we offer you the poem 'The walking tadpole', by Rafael Pombo, an ideal poem for children to warn them in addition to the dangers and consequences of disobeying parents.

Rana's son, Rinrín Renacuajo,
He came out this morning, very stiff and very nice
with shorts, fashionable tie,
taped hat and wedding suits.

"Boy, don't come out!" Mom yells at him.
But he makes a gesture and goes orondo.

He found a neighboring mouse on the road,
and he said: "Friend! Come on, you with me,
Let's visit Dona Ratona together
and there will be revelry and there will be feast ".

Soon they arrived, and Mouse advances,
stretch your neck, take the knocker.

Give two or three blows, they ask: "Who is it?"
"–I, Dona Ratona, kiss your feet."
"Are you in home?" - "Yes, sir, yes I am:
and I am very happy to see you today;
I was in my trade, spinning cotton,
But that does not matter; welcome they are ".

They bowed, shook hands,
and says Ratico, who is more veteran:
"My friend the green heat rage,
give me beer, do me a favor. "

And while the rogue consumes the jug
the lady sent for the guitar
and Renacuajito asks him to sing
happy verses, elegant tune.

"–Oh! A thousand loves I did, lady,
but it's impossible to please him now,
that my throat is drier than tow
and these new clothes make me feel very tight. "

"–I'm sorry, Aunt Rat replies,
loosen a little vest and tie,
and I meanwhile I'm going to sing
a very particular little song ".

But being in this brilliant function
of dance and beer, guitar and song,
the Cat and her Cats save the threshold,
and that becomes the final judgment.

Old Lady Gata carved by the ear
to the Ratico boy meowing: "Hello!"
and the children Cats to the old Rat
one for the leg and one for the tail.

Don Renacuajito watching this assault
took his hat, took a tremendous leap,
and opening the door with hand and nose,
he was giving everyone "very happy nights."

And he kept jumping so high and fast
who lost his hat, tore his shirt,
slipped into the mouth of a greedy duck
and he sucks it in with a single stretch.

And so they concluded, one, two and three,
mouse and Mouse, and the Frog after;
the cats ate and the Duck dined,
And Mommy Ranita was left alone!

(Rafael pigeon)

This poetry by Rafael Pombo it is full of messages and metaphors. Help your child understand his message of warning against the dangers of going with strangers. You can help yourself with these questions:

  1. Why was Tadpole's mother angry?
  2. Who did the tadpole go with?
  3. Whose house are the mouse and the tadpole going?
  4. What do the protagonists do in the mouse's house?
  5. Who suddenly arrive at the house of the mouse?
  6. Can the tadpole escape?
  7. What happens to him when he runs away?

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