Surprising uses for baby wipes

Surprising uses for baby wipes

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Before you had children, you probably thought that baby wipes were used to clean the baby's bottom.

However, I'm sure that now the only thing you don't use them for is to clean your son.

If you have not yet discovered the many benefits and uses that baby wipes have, I will update you; and in the end I will teach you how to make your own homemade baby wipes.

1- Clean shoes

Wherever a baby wipe is to remove shoe polish. It does not matter what type of wipe is: with or without cream, with or without aloe vera, with or without oil ... the shoe will look great.

It is valid for leather shoes, for synthetics, and for the soles of rubber shoes. And if something doesn't come out, I'll finish it off with a few touches of anti grease spray from the kitchen. It's the hand of a saint!

2- Clean the computer keyboard

The first thing you should do is turn off the computer so that you don't load yourself with the work you have been doing for a month.

Grab a washcloth and you can use yourself thoroughly to clean key by key. It will look like the whistle!

3- Remove makeup

Only suitable for non-sensitive skin, without allergies or dermatitis.

If you do not have make-up remover by handIf you go in the car or go to sleep away from home and you don't want to wake up with makeup like that of the Joker (Batman's bad guy), you just have to use a washcloth and it will leave your face like a clean baby's bottom .

4- Removes express stains

If you have children, by now you know that leaving the house clean is as impossible as not falling asleep on the sofa within five minutes of putting them to bed. There are no pants or shirt that are not covered in snot, drool or chocolate hands, so I have my own "Express stain remover".

It is better to let it not dry, so a little rubbing will remove the stain (or most of it) faster than schoolchildren at recess time.

It also comes out if it is dry but you will have to rub more. This trick is great for him sofa from home, the upholstery car or living room carpet.

5- Clean walls

If at home you also practice the sport of sneaker throw to the air when your children take off their shoes, and they end up stamping their sole on the walls, or if they have given them to paint the Sistine Chapel on the walls of your house, you can eliminate these small works of art with a simple baby wipe.

Although, we warn you, do not give it too much effusiveness because you may take the paint from the wall in the washcloth.

6- Clean the chalk board and white board

Much better than him classic felt eraser that we used in school and that left a white film all over the blackboard. With the wipe you can see the true color of the board.

The same happens with the white board, where the marker remains more glued than the tattoos that they give with the french fries. With one pass it will be like the first day.

7- To clean toys

This trick will come in handy especially if you have a baby that sucks everything in its path. Take out a wipe to clean the toys that have been dropped on the ground in the street, but also for those plastic toys that have remains of children's hands full of sugar, paint, jam ...

8- Clean the baby's bottom

Yes, dear mothers, baby wipes also have this curious function, as well as that of clean dirty hands and faces. But I do not recommend it, since some babies have very delicate skin, and it is better to wash the bottom with a soft sponge, mild soap and clean water, to avoid itching or pimples from dermatitis.

There are other uses for baby wipes:

  • Clean the paws and face of pets.
  • Clean the bathroom if surprise guests come.
  • Clean deodorant stains on clothes.
  • Remove bird poop from the car.
  • Cleaning the leaves of the plants
  • Clean the baseboards at home.
  • …..

You will need to:

  • A large plastic container to put the wipes.
  • A roll of good quality paper towels.
  • 2 cups of water.
  • 2 tablespoons of baby shampoo or liquid baby soap.
  • 1 tablespoon of baby oil.


Cut the wipes and put them in the mixture for a few minutes, until they have soaked well.

We take them out and store them in a Tupper tightly closed. We will turn it over from time to time so that the driest wipes are re-soaked from the water they release.

These are much more ecological, cheap and without chemicals than those sold in supermarkets.

Lastly, don't forget that you should never, never throw them in the toilet; always in the trash.

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