Cramps during pregnancy

Cramps during pregnancy

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Many pregnant women wake up with a start at night because a muscle in their leg has contracted, causing them a rather uncomfortable momentary pain.

It's about the cramps typical of pregnancy And, if they also happen in the third trimester of pregnancy, the difficulty of movement is added to be able to stretch the foot well and the pain disappears

Cramps are involuntary contractions of one or more muscles that usually occur at the calf level, generally in the calf. Sometimes they also occur in the abdominal muscles. It is a painful sensation but it usually subsides immediately.

Women who experience cramps before pregnancy are more likely to occur throughout pregnancy. They are usually related to muscle fatigue. They are believed to be associated with fatigue, changes in temperature, or staying in a position that exhausts the muscle. Even a bad gesture can lead to a cramp.

Cramps mainly occur at night, when the body is in a relaxed state, and are most common in the second trimester of pregnancy. On the other hand, during pregnancy, the growth of the uterus can press on some nerves and this makes cramps more frequent.

Once the cramp has occurred, the best way for the pain to pass and the muscle to relax is stretch your leg well by bringing your toes towards you, so you work the muscle in the opposite direction and little by little it expands.

In the final stretch of pregnancy it will be difficult for you to reach the foot to pull it towards you, so you will have to ask for help. If you are alone, you can put your heel on the floor and your toes on the wall and push forward, thus stretching the muscle.

Sometimes cramps during pregnancy are due to a deficiency of vitamin B6. If your cramping episodes are very frequent, your doctor may prescribe a supplement with this vitamin. For your part you can eat bananas, rich in magnesium and potassium because they will help prevent annoying cramps from appearing.

To avoid its appearance you must also take care of the posture you adopt, avoiding overloading the limbs. Drinking plenty of water, walking every day, doing gentle leg massages, wearing flat shoes, or taking cold showers on your legs are some tips you can do to prevent cramps during pregnancy.

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