10 percent of children are passive smokers

10 percent of children are passive smokers

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Who smokes does not only harm himself as well as all those who are exposed to his cigarette smoke. Many children are still the main victims of their parents' mistakes.

We tell you why you shouldn't smoke around children.

I do not smoke. My husband has smoked a lot, but he quit 18 years ago and has not smoked again. In our house you don't smoke, and friends know it. Our daughter has happily lived in a smoke-free home. If you enter a house of people who smoke, you will immediately feel the smell of smoke everywhere, on curtains, upholstery, walls, etc. I don't like to judge people. Each one does what seems right to him. But I think that when it comes to children, I respect first, and their health, too.

According to the Spanish Society of Pediatric Pneumology (SENP), one in 10 children is exposed daily to their parents' tobacco smoke and in their own home.

Experts point out that it is important to curb tobacco use because it represents one of the most determining risk factors for childhood respiratory diseases along with environmental factors and air pollution.

Children exposed to tobacco smoke during the first two years of their life are more likely to develop respiratory diseases such as asthma, in addition to constant bronchitis, coughing and phlegm. Tobacco smoke can also cause sudden infant death. Experts also point out the importance of the increase in pregnant women smokers -active and passive-, due to its impact on the lung development of the fetus and the increase in respiratory diseases during the first two years of the baby's life. They point out the importance of improving the prevention and treatment of pathologies.

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