Errors when choosing a school for children

Errors when choosing a school for children

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At this time, many families have been immersed in the search for a school for their children. The little ones are going to school for the first time, which causes adults to experience a phase of uncertainty, doubts and decision-making that may be right or wrong.

There are many questions that must be answered: Which school is the best? How do parents choose from various options? What admission criteria does each center follow? What logic should parents follow? To help you we explain what they are the most common mistakes when choosing a school for children.

When adults look for the first time the center in which to school their children, they may be guided by a series of erroneous criteria that negatively interfere in that search. Among the many erroneous criteria that exist we can highlight:

  1. Let the opinion of others count more than your own. Each person moves by different criteria when evaluating the schools. It is something subjective. If we ask the opinion about an educational center we will find as many opinions as people asked. It is true that having the opinion of others will give us information before choosing but it must be obtained from various sources: teachers, parents of students, members of the AMPA, school workers and, above all, the students of the center themselves.
  2. Be guided by prejudices. That the center is public or private does not mean that it is bad or good. It will be important not to be guided by prejudices and to try to attend the informative talks and thus have a reliable tool to dispose of prejudices.
  3. Choose the center where the parents went. It is one of the most common mistakes. Parents are guided by memories and what they experienced when they were young. But first it will be necessary to find out how the school has adapted to the new society since the education received 20 years ago is not the same as the one that can be received today.
  4. Look at the rankings. Many parents give excessive importance to the position that schools occupy in this type of list, which is based on external tests carried out by the community or on the marks obtained in selectivity. It will be a piece of information that can be taken into consideration, but it should not be decisive when choosing a center. These types of lists contain criteria that are not relevant for all children since each one has their own needs.
  5. Just look at the "now." Some adults when choosing only look at the immediate. If the child is schooled from the beginning, it will only occupy him that the infant stage is well covered in the chosen center. But, it must be borne in mind that as children grow their needs may change and that the difference between infant and primary stage can be enormous within the same center.
  6. Have everything planned until he becomes an adult. Contrary to the previous error, there are families that plan the schooling of their children from the age of 3 until they are 17. It is something that can go well if the children fit into the center. Failure to do so and put too many expectations at the center can create frustration and shorten the choice.
  7. Not paying attention to the educational project. Each school has its own road map that guides the way to educate students and is characterized by values ​​and a specific methodology. Paying attention to these aspects will be relevant.
  8. Prioritize the secondary. Many families pay attention to aspects such as language teaching, the dining room, after-school service, if there is a route. These are things that add up, but learning should never be relegated to the background because of these criteria. The main thing, therefore, must always be the educational project. The other services will only add up.
  9. Not looking at SEN. It's something you never think about. For the parents, their child is perfect, but it may happen that the child has some educational need and, therefore, needs specialized care. Knowing how these types of students are cared for and the sensitivity of teachers towards these children's problems will be important. Is it an inclusive school?

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