Song with measles. Latin American Poem for Children

Song with measles. Latin American Poem for Children

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Poems are very useful tools to encourage younger children to read. In addition, they have infinite benefits. For example, it helps them memorize and improves their attention and concentration.

We offer you a very funny short poetry, ideal for the little ones. It's called 'Song with measles', and is about an octopus with measles. It is from the well-known Argentine poet Elsa Isabel Bornemann.

Oh! What despair!

My octopus with measles!

Its pink tentacles

appeared dotted

with red spots,

circular and oval.

I found him very feverish,

immobile and curled up

in a corner of the sea.

I called the Squid urgently

by marine telephone,

well he is the finest doctor

that has ever been seen.

As soon as the doctor arrived,

he checked my octopus.

Put it in a fish tank,

put it in the fridge,

until, in a little while,

the fever turned into cubes.

So, he retired it

and in his crib he sheltered him

while —with a fin—

wrote the recipe:

"Tablets of corvina

and sardine injections

and for the strong cold

some clay fosters ".

It's been a week

and my octopus is healed

but - oh, dreadful misfortune! -

its contagious disease

has been transmitted in the sea

and now I can observe

dotted crabs,

feverish cornalitos,

the cold whale

and the spotted lobsters.

(Elsa Isabel Bornemann)

Use this poetry to improve your child's attention and concentration. Do you know how? You can read the poetry and ask him these questions to check if he understood what you read:

1. What disease does the octopus have?

2. What symptoms did you have of the disease?

3. Who was the doctor?

4. What did the fever turn into?

5. What other animals have gotten sick?

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