Contract for your children to use Instagram safely

Contract for your children to use Instagram safely

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If your children ask you to let them open an Instagram account, it is good that you take into account some rules of behavior that we have given the form of a contract that you can sign with them.

On our site we suggest you present this contract for your children to use Instagram safely.

Since we cannot close the doors to the digital world, a world in which our children will work and study, what we can do is educate them in its use. If your children do not stop insisting because they want to open a profile on Instagram, it is convenient agree with them the rules and limits in social networks. This contract to use Instagram safely is an example of this:

1- Until the age of 14 you will not have Instagram

The minimum age to use Instagram is 14 years in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the EU).

The social network has already begun to block user accounts who are not over 14 years old or have not proven that they are old enough to use the service.

There are parents who let their children have an account before this age, but parental authorization and supervision is always necessary.

2- Your account will be private

You cannot have a public profile.

A private account on Instagram allows you to see your photos only to the person you authorize.

3- Set your privacy

Remember that you can configure your privacy and control who you share your posts with or if you allow responses to your posts. You will always have to share them with your parents.

4- Do not create additional accounts

Do not create another account apart from another account that your parents do not know about.

5- You will not accept unknown followers

The friends you accept have to be people you know in your real life. You have to tell us which new friends you are accepting.

Nor will you talk to strangers in the comments, live or through the Stories.

6- You will not publish inappropriate photos

You will not post photos that could damage your personal image or your reputation.

Do not take suggestive photos or photos with little clothes.

Also be careful with photos in which other people appear. Don't take photos of anyone in an embarrassing situation. Always notify the people in the photo that you are going to publish that image.

To publish, always think before ... would this photo bother my parents?

Keep in mind that any photo will always leave a trace on the network. It is the image of yourself that you give to others!

You must show us the photos you want to publish before uploading them so that we can validate them.

7- You will be respectful with the comments

Be nice and thank you when they compliment you on a photo you've uploaded.

Do not post negative comments on other people's posts that could hurt someone.

Do not insult anyone.

If someone insults you, you must let us know.

8- Be careful with expressing your emotions, better in private

Sometimes people get carried away by impulse and write sentences that they later regret. Follow this maxim: Think twice before posting.

9- Supervise controls that others publish about you

In addition to what you post yourself, you need to control what others post about you.

10- You will be careful with the labels or hashtags

Even if your account is private if you use a hashtag or tag with a topic and someone searches for that hashtag in the general search engine of the app, your photo will appear along with all the others that have used the same hashtag.

Also be careful with the option to tag people, do not tag anyone without their permission.

11- Do not add your location

For your own safety do not say where you are. Also, do not post photos that identify where you live or what the license plate of your parents' car is. Do not say that you are going on vacation, thieves could take advantage of robbing your house knowing that you are away.

12- We will also monitor the Stories

The stories are only 24 hours long, but all the above rules will be respected here too. Keep in mind that, even if they are temporary, anyone can capture a screenshot of them.

13- The sharing options

When posting a photo, Instagram offers you the option to also post it on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Instagram is a door to other networks.

14- Control the photos in which you appear

The photos in which you have been tagged appear in the "Photos in which you appear" section. Attention because these photos if they have a public account can be visible to everyone. These photos can be unseen in the Hide photos option.

15- You can block an annoying user

Instagram allows you to block users who make annoying comments in the right menu of the application.

16. You will delete a publication if we ask you to.

If any of the publications do not seem correct, you will have to delete it from the icon with the three dots that appears in the upper right corner.

17- The likes or the number of followers do not matter

Life does not move in relation to the likes or followers you have. Don't try to win them at all costs.

18- be creative

Remember that you can also use the social network in an artistic way not only for photos in which you go out but to take original photos of objects or landscapes.

19- Don't waste a lot of time

There are people who spend their idle hours checking the accounts of others.

That being on Instagram does not steal your study time.

20- Identify the advertising

Be careful with the ads. There are children who do not distinguish what is content from what is commercial content. There are direct purchase buttons, avoid clicking on them.

21- Report situations of abuse

If you see any situation of harassment, abuse or insults to a friend or friend, let us know and see if we can help you.

22- Be responsible

And above all, use the application responsibly!

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