When is the best time to expand the family

When is the best time to expand the family

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Thinking of the second child? Do you wonder if this is a good time? It is a very personal decision and one in which you and your partner must be in great agreement. In we leave you some considerations to take into account if you want to give a brother or sister to your firstborn. When is the best time to expand the family?

1. The age of the first child

If your child is already a year or two, it is a perfect time to bring another baby into the world. Surely he already sleeps, eats more spacedly, has put down the pacifier and already knows how to walk and you don't have to pick him up.

The good thing about not letting more than two years pass between child and child is that later they will take less time and that will allow them to share common games, memories and experiences.

Surely you have doubts about your little one becoming a dethroned prince, but it is not like that, you will see that you have love for both of you and he will not suffer because you have to share your time with the newcomer.

Some parents also think that being closely followed forces the firstborn to grow up early. This is a false belief, but it is also positive if you feel more independent and with some responsibilities when having a younger brother.

2. Renewed energies to face a second child

You must find yourself with the will and strength to face a pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing again with the consequent sleepless nights, colic, visits to the pediatrician or the new diaper change, etc. That is why it is essential that you feel well.

Ideally, the mother should have a complete medical check-up and of course visit her gynecologist to discuss her desire to become pregnant again.

3. A healthy life

The mother preparing for a new pregnancy should eat healthy eating a balanced and varied diet in which saturated fats and sugars are left aside.

It is ideal that you consume fruits and vegetables and foods rich in omega 3.

You should reduce or avoid caffeine consumption and abandon possible harmful habits such as tobacco or alcohol.

You should also exercise at least three times a week to stay in good shape.

4. A new logistics to welcome the second baby

Irremediably you have to think that the arrival of a new member to the family will mean more expenses and the need to make more space in your life. Ask yourself a question, do you have room in your home to accommodate your future child or should you think about moving house?

At the moment a crib fits in any room, but you already know that later the child will have to occupy a bed and also have their own closet. In addition, you will have to think about the additional cost of daycare.

The good news is that you will be able to take advantage of many of the things that your first child is using now, such as the stroller, the stroller, the car seats or the crib. You can also reuse their clothes and toys.

5. The advantages of having siblings

A sibling is the person who will best understand your child when he grows up. The emotional support of a sibling is irreplaceable. Your child will have someone to play with and will learn the importance of sharing and cooperating. Also, the older brother will feel important when teaching the little brother things.

Do not worry about jealousy between them, it is something natural and with time they will pass!

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