A tomato was killed. Latin American Poetry for Children

A tomato was killed. Latin American Poetry for Children

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Elsa Isabel Bornemann is a children's literature writer. He was born in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and along with numerous books, he also wrote a series of funny poems for the little ones. Among them this poetry: 'A tomato was killed'.

Enjoy this funny rhyming poem with which you will be able to entertain your child and bring literature closer to him in the best possible way.

Oh! What a crazy think!

A Tomato was killed!

Do you want me to tell you?

He threw himself in the fountain

freshly prepared.

Her red dress

all unstitched,

fell making wrinkles

to the sea of ​​lettuces.

Your friend Zapallo

ran like lightning

asking urgently

for an assist.

Doctor Ajo came

and remedies brought.

called the race

Sal, the nurse.

After taking it out

they wanted to save him

but there was no case:

It was in pieces!

Prepared the burial

the agency «Los Puerros».

And it was a lot of people ...

Do you want me to tell you?

It came very painful

Pope, the president

to read

of a «Verso al Tomate»

(another nonsense)

while, in profile,

the great Parsley

he spoke softly

with a Radish.

Also the Laurel

(on honeymoon

with Doña Nabiza)

came back in a hurry

on his new yacht

to see Tomato.

End the story:

and an old Alcaucil

they formed a courtship

with ten Eggplants

of green manes,

on a float

embroidered with roses.

Musicians corn

with black hats

they played violins

quenas and piccolos,

and two deaf chili peppers

and fat asparagus

with black shirts,

they sang the mass.

the news brings out:

Today, what nonsense!

A Tomato was killed! "

When reading, the Onion

he cried in his pot.

A beet

she got drunk.

-I don't give a damn!

said Don Pepino ...

and the Chard did not speak

(he was on strike).

(Elsa Isabel Bornemann)

See if your child managed to pay attention to this crazy vegetable and vegetable story. In this way, you will encourage attention and concentration in your child:

1. Why were all the vegetables so nervous?

2. Where was the tomato thrown?

3. What other vegetables did you try to help?

4. Who was the doctor?

Who didn't seem to care at all?

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