What do we do wrong so that so many teenagers are tired of living

What do we do wrong so that so many teenagers are tired of living

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A reflection has surprised me this morning; it's not mine, but a juvenile judge controversial named Emilio Calatayud.

In his article he announced that more and more 14-year-old children pass through his court to whom he has to apply the anti-suicide protocol because they have lost the will to live, something that makes anyone's hair stand on end.

What are the reasons these children are feel disappointed with life have they just begun to live it? Why does a 14 year old boy want to commit suicide?

It is true that adolescence is getting ahead more and more; the rebellion that we experience at 16 years of age now occurs at 14, before this a question arises: do 14-year-old children emotional maturity to experience adolescence?

I remember my 14 years better than what I did yesterday. I remember my desire to meet new people, to live experiences that I did not know, to feel love, to discover the worldThe dreams of the future were distant but so wide, so varied, I felt so free to be who I wanted, that sometimes I lost myself in daydreams that my parents continually tried to curb. 'Put your feet on the ground' is the phrase that accompanied me for many years, so that is why it surprises me that today's adolescents want to die, what has happened?

Emilio Calatayud believes that parents are doing something very wrong and, indeed, I do not believe that the fault lies with the children. It is true that the disenchantment of society in general is gradually permeating the minds of parents and these, in turn, transmit it to their children. The insecurities, the fears… the parents live an instability in all the aspects that affects the education and values of the kids.

But, it is also true that now, more than ever, I see the parents concerned about education of their children; They try to instill it in a more coherent and freer way, away from those family dictatorships imposed on them by their own parents.

Now the parents give explanations, and try to respect the nature of the child by giving them more freedom, but in this search for the absolute respect for the child's will many forget that children need limits, that we must serve as references, we are their heroes to imitate, and that their immature minds are not prepared to master an unmarked path.

Children they are safe with its small constraints, to be able to break the established norms, the ties and be rebellious with cause in adolescence.

Some psychologists see adolescence as a slight mental derangement caused by a flood of uncontrolled hormones, and they believe that it should be treated as such: with patience, understanding and a thousand explanations, but also forcefully.

Without the previous limits, adolescence will become a real ordeal, since children in their eagerness to grow up will have burned stages Before their time, they will have experienced emotions that they did not have to experience until after adolescence, when their mind is more ready to control them.

According to Judge Calatayud, children with mental disorders caused by family problems, by lack of limits in childhood, by additions to new technologies, and even by the use of marijuana at excessively early ages; but also those who had everything and now lack the motivation to fight because we gave them everything.

Without a doubt, this is an issue that we use to reflect deeply.

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