How to calm a newborn baby who cries non-stop

The baby has already eaten, he has slept, he is clean, he is receiving your attention and still, he does not stop crying ... What to do? There are newborn babies who cry a lot or even usually burst into inconsolable crying at certain times of the day and nothing we do seems to comfort them.

Well, before we lose our nerve, we have to take a deep breath and face that she is crying for some reason and we are going to find her. These are the tricks you can use to calm a newborn baby who cries non-stop.

There are many new parents who despair over the crying of their baby, so much so that they even go to the pediatrician for help. Pediatricians often have no choice but to tell parents, if there is no pathology that is causing discomfort to the baby, that there are babies who cry more than others and they have nothing more to do than apply the patience method .

If you are in that phase of despair in which your newborn baby cries non-stop and you no longer know what to do, we suggest you try these systems:

- The first thing is go over the list of possible things that can make you cry and verify that none of these causes your crying Are you hungry? Are you in a dirty diaper? Are you not pooping? Perhaps some small inconvenience is what leads him to cry without consolation.

- No matter how much stress it causes you, no matter how much anger you break out after nights and days without sleep, You must calm down to be able to transmit that calm to your child. The baby will notice that you are distressed or irritable and you will not be able to calm him down. How can you do it? With help, your partner, your parents or your in-laws can be excellent arms while you take a walk that oxygenates you or take a hot bath.

- Babies do not spoil their arms, take him between your armsYes, putting him close to your heart and whispering some nice words or a soft melody will help lower that level of irritability in the baby.

- A hot bath: Babies tend to like the water moment a lot. They relax and enjoy the moment. You don't need soap if you don't want to bathe him every day, but hot water falling on his head or body will help him to be calmer.

- Massages: Babies often suffer from stomach discomfort during the first months, their immature digestive system causes them discomfort when digesting milk. For this reason, it is convenient to help him with circular massages in the abdominal area and always invest the time necessary to expel the gases.

- Go to the streetSometimes the house ends up being a suffocating atmosphere for everyone. Going for a walk and noticing other smells, sounds, and colors is stimulating enough for the baby to calm down.

- The classic methods of rocking the baby, swaddling him in his lullaby or playing soothing music help lower everyone's tension level.

- Many moms and dads work with white noise, a monotonous sound like that of the vacuum cleaner or dryer so that the baby stops crying.

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