Scheduling delivery: Shakira's example

Scheduling delivery: Shakira's example

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When they told me they would give birth to me and they put a date to the birth of my daughter, I felt relief. At least I got rid of that feeling of tense waiting, that fear of not knowing if you will be able to recognize the contractions or not, or if you will be ready. New feelings would come, yes. Among them, the illusion and desire to finally see the baby's face. But at least I felt more secure.

The Colombian singer Shakira you have chosen to schedule your deliveries. The first, that of MilanShe already did it on January 22, 2013. The second is also a scheduled delivery. This means that Shakira will never know what it is to go into labor, but she will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing when your child will be born. We explain what is scheduling labor and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Usually it is the doctor or gynecologist who decides to schedule a delivery. It can be either because I need to overtake it when discovering that there may be a problem (such as fetal distress or loss of amniotic fluid), or because the due date has passed and the baby refuses to come out.

In the case of Colombian singer Shakira, her two deliveries have been scheduled. Doctors are increasingly reluctant to offer 'a la carte deliveries', but as long as they see that the baby is ready to be born and there are no problems, they do not rule it out, especially in cases where they consider that letting the baby baby stays longer in the mother's womb may pose some risk.

Among the advantages of attending a planned delivery:

- You do not feel the tension and uncertainty of 'when will it be'.

- You can have everything ready on time.

- If you have another child, you can look in advance for a person who can stay with him.

- You will sleep more peacefully, without thinking that perhaps your child decides to arrive at night.

- You will have everything much more controlled from the beginning. You will feel the first contractions already in the hospital.

Among the disadvantages of scheduling a delivery:

- The delivery will be more intervened, more instrumentalized and therefore less natural.

- You will 'miss' the experience of knowing what it is like to go into labor.

- Your body will have to react to the externally administered oxytocin. In many cases, dilation is slower and labor is longer.

- Many of the 'provoked' deliveries lead to caesarean sections.

Security, tranquility or perhaps aesthetic issues. Many famous women choose childbirth programs. They choose the clinic and in some cases, as in the by Shakira, rent a whole plant to have a private and exclusive delivery, away from any curious gaze. Something, however, that is not available to everyone.

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