What do stories and books tell children about?

How many things children have to learn, right? To walk, to speak, to write, to play ... Everything is a learning process whose success will depend in large part on the stimulation that parents use.

Children's passion for books is one of those awakenings It depends above all on the example we give them at home, on our willingness and interest to make them dive into this wonderful world of reading and books.

I think there is nothing more stimulating than giving a book, a story or a story to children. A book, a story ... they are ideal gifts to start feeding and nurturing the imagination and fantasy of the little ones in the house.

Hans Christian Andersen He is undoubtedly one of the authors who contributed the most to children's literature, with stories like The ugly Duckling, The little Mermaid Y The emperor's suit. And although many of his works contain much tragedy and suffering, they transmit teachings to children. All the heritage that Andersen left us in his books and stories tells us about many things. Intense and deep, and very realistic, are the messages that reside in each of them.

The ugly duckling, for example, is an ancient example of harassment, bullying and discrimination, involving a duckling who, being born different from others, was despised by everyone and even by his own mother.It is an ideal story to make children reflect on the importance of values ​​such as respect for differences or diversity. Teach them, for example, that appearances are not so important and that what is different must be above all respected.

In The Emperor Andersen's New Suit, he talks about feelings so deeply rooted in ancient and modern society as injustice, arrogance and intolerance. It speaks, above all, of the misuse of power on the part of the rulers, kings, emperors ... He describes the poverty so enslaved and marginalized, of the spectacles of public executions, of so applauded tyrannies. In this story, the writer tells how a vain king prefers to pretend that he sees the suit made of a fabric invisible to the eyes, than to reveal to his people that he has been deceived.

In The Little Mermaid, Andersen talks about sacrifice and the willingness one can have to give everything to discover a new reality and achieve their dreams. Contrary to the general rule of fairy tales, the prince has little importance in the story. Heroism applies to Ariel's courage and bravery. It is one of the few stories in which he insists that someone who wants something costs something. A very timely learning in these days in which we are always defending the need to encourage effort in our children.

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