Fairy tales for children

Fairy tales for children

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The fairy tales they stimulate children's imaginations. Fairies, goblins and wizards have always been characters that make the fantasy of the little ones fly.

The goblins are mythological beings, very small and very clever. They are almost always depicted with pointed ears and a green or red cap. Elves are a bit mischievous but with a good heart and represent core values ​​such as effort, perseverance and work. They also possess gifts, such as cunning. has selected the best fairy tales for children. Discover in them a fantasy world for children. They are also stories that of course can help you to transmit values ​​to the smallest of the house.

From the famous legend of the leprechaun who guards a treasure at the end of a rainbow to the story of the leprechaun and Saint Patrick, very popular in Ireland. Pick one of these fairy tales to read to your child every night and enjoy their fantastic stories. Remember that elves are beings closely linked to nature, like fairies and elves, but they are mischievous like children. Enjoy their stories.

The legend of the rainbow. An Irish legend about the story of the rainbow treasure for children. European short legend about elves for children. The legend of the goblin who guards a treasure at the end of the rainbow. Is it true that at the end of every rainbow there is a treasure? This short story, of Irish origin, clarifies if that is true.

Rumplelstilskin. Rumpelstilskin's tale for children. Traditional children's stories. Read with your children the story of Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin folk tale to read with children.

The goblins and Saint Patrick. On our site we tell you why Saint Patrick is related to Ireland. Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary and is known as the patron saint of Ireland. Discover, with this story, what his relationship with the green elves. 'The Leprechauns and Saint Patrick' is a traditional Irish legend.

The shoemaker and the goblins. This story tells us about generosity, kindness and gratitude, three fundamental values ​​that we must teach children from an early age. A story set at Christmas for children.

Two goblins and two wishes. Two elves and two wishes is a story for children written by Pedro Pablo Sacristán. This story tries to make children understand that before acting, they must think carefully about what they are doing.

The greedy goblin. A children's story that talks about greed. The Greedy Goblin is a fairy tale to talk about greed and generosity to children. Do not stop reading this story that transmits fantastic values ​​to children. Children can learn what greed is.

The Cool in Mali. El Guay en Mali is a children's story about creativity, which shows children the reality of many other little ones who do not have money, and yet use their imagination to play.

El Guay visits Anabel. The red-nosed cool is a little goblin that lives in the country of Halacer, a goblin who can achieve incredible things, above all, make others happy. Read with your children this children's story about the happiness of the arrival of a new brother in Anabel's life.

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