The shocking images of the delivery of a baby in the Red Sea

The shocking images of the delivery of a baby in the Red Sea

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On a beach in Dahab (Egypt), washed by the waters of the Red Sea, a pregnant woman entered the water to bathe. At first he played with the waves. Then he crouched down. He was accompanied by an older man and a young man. Both covered the woman, but the bathers who were in the area began to see something amazing: In reality, what the pregnant woman was doing was ... having her baby!

Do not miss these incredible images that certify how the baby was born from the waters of the Red Sea, to the amazement of all, who began to debate about the controversial practice of childbirth at sea. Here are the shocking images of the delivery of a baby in the Red Sea.

These amazing images show the moment when the baby is born in the middle of the Red Sea, on a beach southeast of Sinai known to many surfers. The newborn is held by an older man, who actually is an expert gynecologist specializing in water births. Next to him, the boy's father, who holds the placenta in a plastic container. The newborn still has the umbilical cord.

Best of all, the mom (of Russian origin), to whom someone offered a clean bikini, seems to come out of the sea as if he had just taken a bath.

The images were captured by the Egyptian badminton player Hadia Hosny El Said, from a hotel that is right on the beach chosen by this pregnant woman to give birth to her baby. Shocked by this scene, she decided to share them with everyone.

The bathers who saw this scene commented that they were absorbed in the beauty of that unique and fascinating moment. Suddenly they saw the baby emerge from the waters, completely healthy and with the umbilical cord still hanging. Some of the witnesses to this birth were also astonished by the 'ease' with which the mother had the baby and the tranquility with which he came out after the water

Births have been practiced in the aquatic environment for a long time. And it is not the first time that a birth has been seen in a warm sea. The strongest reason for those who defend this practice of water birth is that for the baby, who spends nine months in the amniotic fluid, this type of birth is less traumatic, as it passes from one liquid medium to another after passing through the birth canal.

Nevertheless, there are also many detractors of this type of childbirth, claiming that it can be very dangerous for both the mother and the newborn, if suddenly an unforeseen event occurs. Here are the pros and cons of water birth:

1. Advantages of water birth:

- The mother faces childbirth in a more natural way.

- The heat of the water softens the pain of contractions.

- The baby goes from an aquatic environment to a similar one, a medium with which he is familiar.

- No anesthesia is used and the use of medications during childbirth is reduced.

- The mother can adopt a more comfortable position for her.

- You can opt for a water birth in a hospital prepared for it or a birth at home. The latter has more risks.

2. Disadvantages of water birth:

- Relaxation in the water can delay the time of labor and make it longer.

- If a complication arises and the mother chose to deliver at sea, she may not have time to go to the hospital.

- By not receiving anesthesia, they will have less time to maneuver in the event of an unforeseen event.

- If the woman has not given an enema before, she may have a bowel movement during childbirth, which will increase the risk of infection.

- If there is no monitoring in the water, there will be no way to control that the baby is not registering fetal distress. In some places (aquatic births in hospitals), they do have means to control the baby at all times, but in births at home or at sea, they do not exist.

The experts advise against water delivery to women who have had some type of infection during pregnancy or they present some type of risk, as is the case of multiple pregnancy.

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