The benefits of living with a dog during pregnancy

The benefits of living with a dog during pregnancy

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Dogs not only bring benefits to children and the family, but also to women during pregnancy. Having a dog at home during pregnancy generates not only support but also company, affection and affection. Of course, like everything, you have to take certain hygiene and cleaning care, as well as determine some limits in the relationship of the two.

When a woman has a dog at home and discovers that she is pregnant, questions may arise such as' How will we handle having a dog and a baby at home? ',' Does living with a dog represent a risk to my pregnancy? ', or' Will my dog's coexistence with my baby be compatible? ' All those doubts will vanish when the reasons for having a dog at home, during and after pregnancy are known:

Scientific studies have proven that many women perceived that their dog knew before them that they were pregnant. Through their smell, dogs can detect not only diseases but also that the woman is pregnant.

And not only of the pregnant woman as of the whole family. During pregnancy, hormones revolutionize the emotional state of women. Other than that, worries can cause stress for many women. The dog, in those cases, will also help the woman to be more relaxed and feel better. Having a dog around is being able to enjoy a lot of unconditional affection.

Dogs are faithful friends and caretakers. The best! They teach us values ‚Äč‚Äčlike friendship, empathy, and responsibility. They will take care of the pregnant woman and will be aware of her 24 hours a day. The woman will feel cared for, cared for and understood next to a dog. You will never be alone.

When you have a dog at home, you are responsible for it. A dog also needs basic care such as hygiene, food and games. Also, you will need to walk to walk around and relieve yourself. The fact that the woman has to go out with her dog will help her to maintain the shape and avoid problems such as bloating, obesity, etc.

During pregnancy, it is common for women to suffer outbursts of mood swings. You will feel misunderstood and alone at times. It will not matter to the dog if you cry, if you get angry, if you laugh ... he will always be by your side in all situations. You will feel understood by his side.

It may have 10, 30 or more kilos, the dog will always treat the pregnant woman with delicacy. It will be careful and it will not be necessary to establish physical limits. The dog knows that you are pregnant, will lick your belly and will never hurt you.

As dogs depend 100% on the care of the pregnant woman, she will learn to be a mother with them. After all, having a dog at home is like having a child who needs all the care and affection.

The dog is not only the best friend of the pregnant woman but also of her baby. It will be your best caregiver. He will watch over him, and will be watching for if he wakes up, if he cries, and will not allow any unknown person to approach the baby. He will realize, before you, that the baby is dirty or has woken up at night.

Dogs need the same care, living with a pregnant woman or not. They need to be healthy and periodically checked by a veterinarian, be well fed, vaccinated, clean and do physical exercises. The pregnant woman must take extreme care in terms of hygiene.

Tips: If you have a dog or have decided to have one during your pregnancy, you can be sure that you will have by your side a very affectionate son and a faithful and loyal friend.

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