What is childhood cancer

Cancer is a disease that affects adults and children alike. However, childhood cancer has a 75% chance of cure, a great hope for many families whose children have it.

Childhood cancer refers to different types of cancer that appear in children before the age of 15. On our site we help you to understand cancer, to know what symptoms may indicate that the child has cancer and how the different types of childhood cancer are treated. A complete guide so that you have all the necessary information in this process.

All types of childhood cancer have a similar process: Cancer cells grow out of control, destroy other cells, and eventually spread to other organs and tissues. These cells consume nutrients from the body, destroy organs, bones, weaken the body's defenses against diseases and consume the child's energy.

This terrible disease, however, in childhood has a survival rate of 75%, however, it is essential to be aware of the signs because the early diagnosis is the key.

Cancer in childhood. On our site we tell you what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of childhood cancer in children. Learn what childhood cancer is and how different types of cancer work in children. The most common cancers in children and how they affect their health.

Symptoms of childhood cancer. At least 85 percent of all childhood cancers have similar symptoms: prolonged fever and severe headaches. Symptoms of childhood cancer in children and babies.

Diagnosis and treatment for childhood cancer. Cancer in children and babies can be cured in most cases, as long as it is detected early. Diagnosis and treatment for childhood cancer.

Causes and prevention of cancer in children. Very few cancers are genetically inherited. Only 5 percent of cancers are inherited from parents to children. A healthy lifestyle from childhood can reduce the risk of cancer.

Symptoms of Leukemia. Unfortunately, leukemia is the most common cancer in children. It is a cancer that mainly affects the blood and has many symptoms. Early diagnosis, as in most all cancers, is important to be able to fight the disease. Leukemia in Children and Its Symptoms.

Leukemia, the most common cancer in children. Cancer is the second most common cause of infant mortality in children between the ages of 1 and 14, and the incidence of this disease among children now appears to be increasing, hence the need for early diagnosis and effective treatment.

Myths and truths about childhood cancer. On our site we help to dismantle false myths related to childhood cancer and we provide a series of truths. And it is that childhood cancer is not a frequent disease in children and also has a high percentage of cure.

How to explain cancer to children. We tell you how to explain cancer to children. It is important for parents to talk to their child about cancer clearly, honestly, and smoothly. When a mother or father suffers some type of cancer, how to explain this disease to the children, so that they understand what happens to them.

8 out of 10 children outgrow cancer. Childhood cancer cases in Spain have stabilized and the level of survival of children with this disease has grown in recent years. 80 percent of children with cancer are cured of this disease

Diet for children with cancer. Nutrition for children with cancer. The Family Association of Children with Cancer (AFANION) creates a nutrition guide for children with cancer. His psychologist, Ana Belén Bautista was interviewed by our site. She comments, among many other things, how cancer treatment affects children's nutrition, and how we can help them in this regard. Diet for children with cancer treatment.

Food for children in cancer treatment. Food is one of the most basic needs of the human being: it forms and repairs tissues, provides energy and regulates the proper functioning of the body and, due to its importance for children, it is sometimes a reason for conflict in families, especially when the responsibility falls on us and we face an adverse situation. After treating illnesses such as cancer and others that require hospital care, diet plays a fundamental role in recovery.

Skin cancer in children. How Skin Cancer Affects Children. Causes and symptoms of childhood skin cancer and what are the treatments for this disease. Prevention of skin cancer in children. Melanomas on the skin are the most common form of skin cancer in children. You have to keep an eye on changes in shape or color in moles.

How to recognize a melanoma. From our site we help you to distinguish what a melanoma looks like on the skin of children. We also tell you who is more likely to have one, how it can be prevented and the diagnosis and treatment in the case of children with skin cancer or melanoma.

How to detect if a mole is malignant. Asymmetry, irregular edges, color, diameter and elevation or what is the same rule A B C D and E to identify a possible skin cancer and if a mole is malignant. From now on, you will know if a mole or a skin spot has become irregular and can become dangerous.

The importance of physical exercise in children with cancer. We tell you what are the benefits of physical exercise for children with cancer, and it is that not only physical exercise can help children during cancer treatment but also helps them to alleviate its side effects. What type of physical exercises is the most recommended.

Treatment against fatigue in children with cancer. It is very common to hear adolescents and children with cancer say that they feel tired, fatigued, without the desire or strength to do anything. We tell you, what is the most recommended treatment according to experts against fatigue in children with cancer.

Prevent cancer from childhood. Guiding and educating our children to enjoy and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits from a very young age is one way to protect them from cancer in the future. What you can do to prevent or cope with childhood cancer in the family.

Family support for children with cancer. Affection, attention and love are more than necessary medicines, especially in the long term and harshness that childhood cancer treatments represent. The family of a child with cancer.

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