The danger of public fountains for children

The danger of public fountains for children

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Fountains populate our cities and towns. They are decorative elements that, day and night, beautify them and some are even tourist monuments. There are many types and shapes but on our site we put our eye on one of them. Have you ever seen those fountains with jets of water coming out of the ground? The water comes out under pressure from several pipes forming a set of jets of different sizes and intensity.

They are those interactive fountains, so relaxing that we are spellbound looking at them and listening to them. But there are those who give it another use. Some children wanting to play and cool off, jump into them jumping between the jets. However, we want to alert about the danger of public fountains for children. The pressure with which some jets come out can make a child get thrown, do you think that is exaggerated? Look what happened to a girl in Mexico City.

On a hot summer day, several children play among the water jets of an interactive fountain. However, a girl stands in front of one of them just when the water comes out under pressure, as if it were a geyser. What about the girl? As the video shows, it is fired and does a violent somersault in the air, landing on the stone floor.

And, the power that some of these jets have so that the water reaches a considerable height makes them dangerous for children to play with each other. In short, it is not a theme park, it is an urban fountain whose purpose is decorative.

These types of fonts are known as dry fonts or interactive fonts. They are those formed by jets that emerge from the ground. During a certain period of time they remain inactive, so that walkers can circulate around or among them, to activate at certain times. Those that have devices that allow you to control these jets are known as interactive.

If at any time you allowed your child to play among them or stand on one of the water jets, you should warn him, because if the child receives a hit of water he can, no longer only lblow him up like this girl, but hit him hard on the face, chest or legs and cause injury.

In many sources, access is controlled and if someone ventures into them, they will not receive anything other than a good fine. However, these are the least. The most touristy and emblematic are those that are most controlled.

Those fountains that populate public parks do not usually have much vigilance and this is used by children, young people and some adults to take a dip when the temperature rises so much that it is irresistible. However, many of these sources lack quality controls, adequate chlorine to prevent bacteria, or a filtration system. Therefore, if you have ever done it, have you thought about everything that water contains and the risks it entails? Let's go some:

- Danger of electrocution: Under many urban fountains run pipes that contain electricity cables. They serve to isolate the electricity from the lights that illuminate them. When a child gets into the water, his body becomes a conductor and generates more electrical current. In fact, in countries like Argentina, several notices of this type have been launched due to the lack of care that people had in public sources.

- Infections: you just need to look at the water from many sources. They are full of dirt, dust, dirt that is falling, rest of urine or bird poop. They are a breeding ground for bacteria. If a child swallows water in this state, they could suffer from diarrhea or infections in the eyes and mucous membranes.

- Mushrooms: If children also go barefoot, they could end up with fungus on their feet or other parts of the body.

- Parasites: If birds defecate in the water, they could leave a parasite known as cercariae as a gift, which can cause a skin rash.

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