Short story videos for children

Short story videos for children

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Stories are a wonderful way to bring literature to children. But when they are very young, we can also rely on images and a voice that narrates the story to the children. It will help you keep their attention and understand the message of the story.

Since, we have prepared a series of stories in video form so that you can enjoy the old tales and lesser known tales with your child. Remember to use them as an educational tool and reflect with your child on the values ​​they transmit to us. Enjoy with this selection of the best short story videos for children.

From the classic story of 'The Three Little Pigs', which tells us about effort and responsibility, to the metaphorical 'Eco de la vida', which explains to children the importance of treating others well if what we want is that others treat us well.

Enjoy with your child of these fantastic versions of some well-known tales and others that will surprise you. Help yourself with the images to capture the attention of your child and do not hesitate to read it using the force of intonation and interpretation so that your child understands the message that the story tries to convey.

Pinocchio. Classic tale. Teach your child values ​​with the classic tale of Pinocchio. Thanks to this popular story, your child will understand the importance of sincerity, respect and obedience. A fantastic classic story that this time comes in animated video format and with subtitles, so your child can read it too.

The bunnies who did not know how to respect. The story of The Bunnies Who Didn't Know How to Respect explains to children what happens when they humiliate and criticize other children or animals without thinking about the harm they cause them. A fantastic story full of values ​​that will make your child reflect on the importance of the value of respect.

The three Little Pigs. Story about effort. Do your children know the story of the three little pigs? If the answer is negative, Ragged Bear brings you this story for children, which is a classic, in which the wolf chases the most famous pigs. Children of all generations love this video story.

The bird and the mountain. Video of the children's story of 'The bird and the mountain'. This is a folk tale about hope and friendship. Teach these values ​​to your children while they have fun watching the storyteller. Beatriz Montero tells this story especially for Guiainfantil readers.

The 7 kids and the wolf. Do you know the children's story of 'The 7 kids and the wolf'? It is a beautiful story to tell to children because it has a beautiful moral at the end: you must not get carried away by appearances. Also, this time, the speaker is our dear Rag Bear.

The smug little rat. Ragged Bear tells you the traditional tale of the smug little rat, but with a happy ending, as we like it. The funny Traposo bear, Guiainfantil's mascot, also brings you a lot of traditional songs for children, jokes, riddles, tongue twisters ...

The echo of life. I have a moral. Here is a beautiful short story or story that teaches children why it is important to respect certain values ​​and treat others with respect.

The Nutcracker. Christmas story. We offer you a version of the Nutcracker, a perfect Christmas story for children to listen to and read with them on these dates. Discover the fantasy and magic of this classic tale by Hoffmann.

Epamimondas. Kid stories. Epaminondas, a story about communication and understanding. This story comes from the United States and you can enjoy it with the whole family by the hand of Beatriz Montero.

Rodolfo the reindeer story. Learn about the story of the reindeer Rodolfo, a beautiful story of how Santa Claus met the reindeer Rodolfo. Discover this wonderful version of the story of Rodolfo the reindeer.

Christmas story. We offer you the illustrated Dickens Christmas Carol for children. A Christmas story with values ​​in video format with subtitles so that children can also read it.

Jesus' birth. Explain to your child why Christmas is celebrated. You can do it with the help of this video that tells the story of the birth of the baby Jesus. It is the story of the birth of Jesus told for children, with images and subtitles. Do not stop teaching this video-story to your children.

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